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Cult of the Lamb - beginners guide

I'm going to show you a bunch of helpful tips and tricks for Call of the Lamb in case you were having trouble with the game or just wanted to have it be easier. The first tip that I have for you is when you go in here , when you beat the first main boss of the game, you'll get an item where you can go to your crown and upgrade one of these crown perks.

Now, the most important thing to upgrade is this omnipresence. So it lets you hold a button in order to escape a dungeon whenever you want, and this will let you abuse a game mechanic that will make the whole game significantly better. Easier so, what this will let you do is pick your weapon whenever you want.

So on the bottom right of the screen, you see it. For me personally, I think the best weapons in the game since it's a melee game are the hammers. Anything's really slow, so you can focus on dodging. You just come in for one big hit and then just get out, but you know, if you have some weapons you prefer, you can just do this until you get your favorite weapon, or you can do this until you get a specific weapon with a specific trait.

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The next tip I want to give is that whenever you give sermons, here What it does is it uses your followers to give you XP, basically, and the level of your followers determines how many points it gives you for each follower. This is how you level up in the game, but there's a reason I'm telling you.

There's an actual tip about this, so you'll probably figure this out pretty fast. We get zealous weapons. And zealous weapons make it so that your collected fervor gets turned into divine inspiration when you are using one of these weapons. Is just like in the early to mid game totally, op so if I would get this as soon as you can and then don't even get the ones afterwards, until you farm some divine inspiration and get most of it leveled up and don't really care anymore, then start going and getting merciles, because getting these other ones will just make it that much less likely that you get the RNG spawn of the zealous weapon.

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It's already bad enough; it's like one out of eight or something like that, the chances of going in to get one, and it'll only get worse if you get merciless and godly weapons. So just get zealous. Don't get the next ones until you're satisfied with your divine inspiration farming. The next thing I'm going to give you is, I don't know, more of a practical thing, so you'll learn through the tutorials when you talk to one of your followers.

You can do this. It turns into Inspire later on and. If you do this to your followers once a day, it will increase their loyalty. This guy's level four, this guy's level two, and so doing that will make them give you more XP whenever you give a sermon, and if you want to micromanage it, you can get an early game.

I guess I'll go ahead and do it. It's probably good to do early in the game, but to be honest, like in the mid-game to late game, it's better just to get massive amounts of followers because you'll get stuff. Food takes care of itself. You can just get like 30 of these things. You have all the beds put down.

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It doesn't really matter anymore. So even though, yes, it's like what it is, you know, theoretically you should be doing that every day, it takes so long to track down 20 of these guys and do it to each one. It's just not worth the effort to do it and I would rather just get more followers and just get one or two or three from each one and just call it a day basically.

So that's like general, practical advice. I want to give you another thing. I want to tell you, if you haven't gone through the midgame, you haven't figured this out yourself. Don't place farms side by side, so you see, I have this farm. You see the outline and. Then you have this one, which is also, well, there's a second outline, so look at the Scarecrow.

There we go. This one's also right up against this other one, and the plots are right up against it. The plots are the big issue. I mean, these are just to make the villagers or the followers take care of it for you, but maybe they'll put these plots like this, leaving open space because you need scarecrows, and later on, to get rid of birds, you need fertilizer, you need seed plugs for these different seedlings.

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Make sure that each one of these has room for a two-by-two for one of these seed boxes. Or else you have a headache later on trying to deal with it later, like I had to jam a scarecrow over here instead of just putting one in the middle and just covering most of the farms and things, so I didn't realize that I should leave one row open, at least between each of those, so definitely keep that in mind when placing fires before you realize that's a thing that's a thing, so just be aware of that and that'll help a lot Another tip is that you always want to keep an eye on your lumber and stone.

It's like the backbone of this game, so you'll be able to get it pretty early on. You'll be able to get it. I can show you all the upgrades here. There's an upgrade over here to get a stone mine and a lumber yard. What this will do is let you make a stone mine or a lumber yard for 10 of the materials that you need and then 30 coins.

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10 Stone and then 30 coins and, you want to keep up on this or else you'll have to go into a dungeon and specifically look for stone or lumber to get caught up again because there's not enough of it. They don't really respawn trees; they grow back a little bit on your farm here and there, but not at a speed that's practical at all.

Make sure that you always have a bunch of these going at all times if you start to run low on batteries, spending, or materials, so that way, there's always places for them to collect these materials, or else it just really sucks. Another tip that I want to give is once you get to the midgame, when you see your followers walking up to you and want to start a quest.

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I'm missing something obvious; it's better just to ignore them and don't talk to them because, sometimes, it's not bad when you have one like this and it's whatever you know to do. Glory of construction ritual: That's fine, but other ones will be like, "Okay, once you do a ritual you don't want to do or want you to go farm a mat that you don't have like 10 mushrooms or something, and it's not really worth the effort for like not getting like one follower gets a little bit of loyalty once you get out of the early game." It's not worth it at all.

It's not worth the time. It's just flat out not worth it one damn bit. So keep that in mind, just ignore them once you get to the mid game, or else it's just you know you're gon't worth it's just a waste of time while I'm here doing a ritual. I should give you a really important tip about rituals.

These Cult of the Lamb tips will help you immensely with this game, at a minimum they'll help you have more fun while playing this.
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