Clash Royale - Best Arena 3 Deck F2p To 5k

Clash Royale - arena 3 decks

We have the best deck for arena 3 and we're free to pay. Not free to play. Free to pay because I just realized I've been farming like 100 chests and haven't unlocked the goblin barrel or the barbarian barrel. Yet another thing I realized too is that if I unlock the mortar, a level one mortar is not going to be good, so I actually need to spend money to level it up a little bit faster.

We will kind of. I'm not going to max it out like crazy, but I will bring it up a couple levels. So our main goal is to unlock Goblin Barrel and Barbarian Barrel right now. Let's get some wild cards in the shop, and let's see if we can unlock them. We got skarmy, but that's not quite what we needed for the book of books.

God calls them barrels. We just need a barbarian barrel. I'm going to spend one epic card to get that to level two. That's so cash. Let's level up the barbarian barrel. Let's get that. I'm going to put in the battle ram because now we have two win conditions. A battle ram by itself is not good.

You're going to need a secondary win condition like a giant or goblin barrel, so bait decks are really hard to play, but we have spear goblins, we have skarmy, we have goblin barrels, our win conditions are battle ram and goblin barrel, we can pull some ground princes, we have splash, we have tanky, let's check it out.

Clash Royale - barbarian bowl best deck

I'm going to rush with spear goblins because I can. fireball, I'm okay with that. Show me a skarmy and a tombstone. One hit on there all right. Let's do a goblin barrel. The goblin cage is not going to stop the goblin barrel. This is this is domination. Also, I might have bought some remotes because they're part of the strategy.

They took care of the skarmy. I don't know, I'm kind of connected, so I'm going to pull the mini pekka with the baby dragon. The baby dragon's gonna take out the valkyrie. Here's the perfect strategy: wait for it, wait for it. The baby dragon is going to tank for the goblin barrel. I didn't pay for it.

I feel about that knight being there, but let's just arrow that tower road. Yeah, I think I need spear goblins to pull it upwards. Here we go, goblin barrel, baby dragon in the pocket, to tank for the barrel. That's how we're going to do it. That was actually pretty disappointing. Let's collect our two crowns then, if they're not going to let us do it.

Clash Royale - best arena 3 deck

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Clash Royale - best deck

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If you're quick, you can add me as a friend in the game who can team up with you for those juicy w's. They sent me this box. Welcome to the world's biggest mech combat sport. Scans the cards to continue. Okay, there are cards in here. Y'all see how this box works? What is this? A 500-piece puzzle that is beautimus, what is this.

I was not expecting it. A full-on tablet There's even a sticker wrap for this. I don't know if I can compromise the sticker. The sticker must be limited. Why is there a piece of metal in there? What are y'all seeing? This coin here could whack someone with this new nice shirt. How'd they know I was an extra large in the Art of Mecca arena, so it took place in 2156?

Clash Royale - f2p series

I haven't even scanned this yet. Okay, there y'all. Y'all see this right here? I will destroy you. We're in the future. let's scan the poster. I'm scared you get a full-on view of the robot, and that's so cool. I think it transforms the whole room into a whole arena. That's so crazy. You're ready to play.

Install the game to begin. This is the Mech Arena. It's available on Ios and Android. The Knight has good stats for its value. Let's put that in here over the mega minion. Sure, let's rush with the battle rum. You don't really want to rush the bridge, but we'll do it anyway. Yeah, let's fireball that.

Look how much damage the battle ram does when it just connects. I think those barbarians are actually going to kind of deal a lot of damage to my scar, so I need a baby dragon to kind of splash them away. Here we go, baby dragon to tank for the goblin barrel. This is going to be 10 billion damage unless they have arrows.

What a giant is not a counter when the baby dragon is tanking for the goblin barrel and they're going to take out the giant necks, so I'm going to put down a knight in front. This way, the knight is going to tank for the baby dragon and the spear goblins are going to stay alive, and then with the knight kind of tanking there.

Clash Royale - oj f2p

I'm going to send in a battle ram on the left side. There's constant pressure as the battle ram connects to the tower. Let's take those barbarians out with the fireball. I didn't take it out on my barbarians. I'm going to do skarmy if they have zap, and if they have arrows, then I have a backup plan.

Here we go. My baby dragon's going to tank for a lot of things. I'm going to put the knight in the pocket just to tank the skeletons in the goblin barrel. Let's finish it off. They had arrows this whole time. Okay, so this isn't actually that great of a strategy, but it works really well down here.

I'm just rushing through battle ram with a goblin barrel, taking candy from a baby from someone that just downloaded the game like a day ago. If Mini Pekka doesn't connect, let's get it. Hell, let's do spear goblins there. That would have been so valuable for the baby dragon. Another battle round, another one.

Clash Royale - strategy

They didn't have barbarians and rotation and that play actually made sense, so I know they have skarmy. I can counter the baby dragon or arrows. I know they have mini Pekka. I can counter that with a skeleton army. In the worst case scenario, I can use spear goblins or the goblin barrel. You never really want to use the goblin barrel for that, though.

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