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That's right clash Mini goes into beta. We'll be starting beta with our motherland, seeing me, but also, at the same time, to all of these places as well. You can expect more minis and different and unique heroes to choose from and level up. Beautiful boards to play on, lots and lots of kidneys, and of course some potential future content as we play together and update the game over the course of the beta, but Vlad.

I want more. I hear you say. Trust us, this is only the beginning. You know who I am, you know the gameplay. Clash of Heroes is still in its early stages, but we did run a closed pre-alpha test with a few hundred players and would like to thank everyone for participating in it. The majority gave extensive and incredibly valuable feedback after trying the game out.

We are working hard on new features, improved gameplay, and world building that we think you will appreciate once you get your hands on the game. The next step would be a public alpha test in which more players would be able to try the game out and give us honest feedback. We do not have an exact timeline yet on it, but make sure to sign up on {916} if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the game and potentially get selected for the alpha, as we'll be choosing participants from there as well.

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Hey Vlad, thanks for that really cool update for Clash Mini and Clash Heroes. Now it's time to talk about Clash Quest. Let's set the mood a little. I'm Darian, the Community Manager for Clash Quest. Since the soft launch of Clash Quest, we've released several updates that include new bosses like Lava and Hound, new troops like Minion, and many new features like shipwrecks and dungeons.

Your ideas are helping us make the game better than ever, and we can't wait to show you what else we're working on for the future. We've also just released our biggest update, and we've introduced a brand new social feature in the form of clans. That's right, right now you can play together with your friends, form a clan, compete in the clan league, and show everybody just whose clan is the best at Clash Quest.

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We've also introduced a brand new boss, technically bosses the bone. The Bros have a bone to pick with you as skinny and scraggy dig up the latest dirt, leaving your squad stunned with every charge of their bony heads. We've even introduced an all-new original troop bomb. This little explosive guy came into Clash Quest with a bang and leaves bombs behind for his enemies to stumble over.

There's also a ton of other brand new content in the update, like Dune dragons and scared skellies, an all-new region, and powerful new magic items to help you conquer your way through this treacherous archipelago. But wait, there's more. Like this magic bow defense where it shoots arrows through multiple units just like the magic archer from Clash Royale, or how about this slithering snake made up of multiple Teslas.

We've got a ton of ideas we're working on, and these are just some of the concepts we're prototyping. Not all of them will make it into the game, but we're having a ton of fun coming up with them as we work towards a global release. Speaking of global release, we don't have a release date yet, but we've got a ton of new content coming.

Clash of Clans - beta launch

So make sure you're registered at clash. com so you'll be one of the first ones to find out when we are going global. As always, it's been a pleasure to host you alongside my fellow Clash Chief Adventurer, Darian, and thank you to my zany co-host, Vlad. The Clash Universe has never been so big, and it's about to get a whole lot more exciting.

It's incredibly helpful for us to spread this message around the world. We'd also love your feedback and thoughts on the games. Stay hydrated and be careful.

The Clash Universe is about to get a whole lot more exciting - Clash Mini goes into BETA! In this extra special update video, we reveal the details about the upcoming Clash Mini beta, a public alpha for Clash Heroes, and a preview of upcoming content for Clash Quest! Make sure you're registered at Clash. com to receive exclusive updates on when these new Clash games will launch in your region.
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