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I'm your host, Judo. The true value in this article is what I am going to tell you about base building throughout it. The Clash Champs have kindly provided pro-built, exclusive bases for this article, which is also only 27.


You cannot copy base links. Let's be honest, it's not going to take you long to build this.

You're trying to protect your major defense at town hall 2, which is the archer tower.


town hall 3 You now have the mortar, which you will either centralize, this or the town hall, since you can't copy base links. This is a hybrid base act for war farming and trophy pushing because it's easier for you to copy just one.



Base town hall 4 hurrah! We can now copy base links, but you can only house one base, so the farming and trophy bases are merged together, really trying to protect the air defense and the mortar, your two pivotal defenses.

At any level you're trying to defend, the attacks you're likely to be attacked by in war, the air defense becomes the centralized defense. If you're not worried about the town hall, it's all about defending the three stars, not the two stars, so if you have extra builder hooks, you might actually throw them into the corner of the base at this lower level in the game.

This is when you might trip your opponent up and potentially make them time fail.


From town hall 5 onwards, I will provide you with a recommended, defending CC for the higher town hall levels. I will also provide you with a recommended, defending CC for the trophy and war base. I will try and point out the differences between trophy and farm bases, but a trophy base protects the stars, whereas a farm base protects your loot. Town hall 5 in war is still tricky to defend, but you're trying to make it difficult for giants to pass through the base town hall 6 as you are unlocking more storage.



You have to start spreading them around the base. If you have them all in one spot and the attacker cracks into that area, you lose all of your loot.

So we're trying to minimize that. In terms of a trophy base, we can use the storages as high HP barriers, so we are absorbing damage and buying the defense time to shoot at the attacker in war. At this level, you can now really start to maximize the use of your traps, so for example, on a basic level, the spring trap, placing this in between defenses.

So giants are funneled over the top of it.


And they're gone from Town Hall 7. You have to start thinking about defending your dark elixir in order to upgrade your barbarian. King The farming base has the dark elixir drill on the inside of the base because if you are offline for any period of time, an attacker can steal 75 of the dark elixir within the drill, so it's quite wise to have that on the inside of the base.

Trophy pushing wise, the base looks pretty similar. We've just moved the splash defenses inside the base a little bit, and we've moved that dark elixir drill to the outside. War is war, though, and that is why the bases look so different now at Town Hall 7. It's really dragons and hog riders, so air defense is extremely important.

There's a difficult path to here for either dragons or balloons, and hog riders also have the potential for double giant bombs, but it's really not predictable as to where those double giant bombs are. There are multiple gaps around the base where a double giant bomb combination could be hidden, so you're always trying to assure your opponent.

You cannot predict where your tracks will be. The clan castle is also non-lurable. You always want to try and do this, meaning they have to take down some buildings before they can lure the troops or they have to battle them in the center of the base when all the defenses are firing at them as well.

Where to find bases

Where to find bases

It's important to let you know as well that the best bases will always be custom ones.

I like the Clash of Champions website for getting bases, but for custom bases you would have to build or purchase the pro bases. If you were interested in purchasing custom bases, I actually have 10, off with code judo within the town hall 8 farm base.


You can see a lot of the principles we've already talked about in the spread out storage.

We also have a somewhat centralized clan castle. If you are filling this out, it can be one of your major defenses. The base is not weak from any one direction. A quick tip as well: if you do have a lot more gold than elixir, for example, you can drag the gold storage over the top of the elixir storage and they will automatically sync.

So it's a nice, easy way of better protecting the resource. You have the most. You can really start to see the difference in trophy bases now that those storages are pushed out to the side, using them as shields for the defenses. Tower Hall centralized trophy pushing. You're trying to defend the two stars as well, and for this base it is a nightmare for dragons, which you will typically be hit with and also a gowipe style attack.

It's very difficult to get into the center of the base. reiterating that for war it is about protecting the three stars, whilst you can run an anti-two-star base. For example, in the clan war leagues, when people only get one attack The reason you're not as interested in the two-star is that they have more time to plan, they have multiple attacks, so you can use the town hall as a psychological.

When people might want to attack the town hall, when realistically, it's not the best play against this base, but it also means you can centralize. The main defenses that you're trying to protect, it's really only at a higher level when the town hall becomes a defense that we start positioning it in the base town hall.



9 i am sure you will agree that it is all about the dark elixir. You have 50 extra hero levels to get them both to level 30.

So I always like to have my storage centralized. No custom pro built for this article can ever be three-starred. You're just trying to give yourself the best opportunity. I really like this Town Hall 9 war base because the air defense and wizard towers are stacked up in a way whereby lava hounds wouldn't necessarily protect the balloons over that area of splash.

It's also difficult as an attacker to know where to queen walk to get the best value, particularly with the defending queen being at the opposite side of the base town hall. There are 9 players, by the way, if you want the best attack strategies. I've done a article for that. I'll link it right here for you.



As we move on up here at town hall 10, you can see a lot of the principles I've talked about for farming bases, and this is where you can use this as a trophy pushing base. Sometimes the lines are blurred. Maybe you are farming and trophy pushing. I would switch to a trophy pushing base if you get right towards your personal best and you want to push just that a little bit further in trophies.

A War, Farm and Trophy Base for Every TH Level in Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming explains Base Building Tips for the CoC bases. The TH9, TH10, TH11, TH12, TH13 TH14 War and Trophy bases were all Custom Pro Built for the video. I hope it helps you, clash on.
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