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Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadouts

In today's warzone article, I have the top eight metal loadouts you guys need to be using. These loadouts are gonna be from some of the most popular weapons, and I'm gonna give you guys the best builds I can possibly craft. Okay, so the first things we're gonna be taking a look at here today are gonna be kg, m40, and m40.

So first thing in the muscle category, we're going to go for that beautiful mx announcer here. I was about to say mercury silencer, but the mx silencer here is definitely a better option than the mercury. In the barrel section, we're going to go for the rice door 720, a meter shrouded barrel. This is definitely the best barrel to run on this gun, pretty much hands down.

There's no reason to ever switch this out for anything else. What we're going to do is we're going to go for the m1930, stripe angle for that horizontal recoil. This thing realistically doesn't have all that much vertical, and don't worry, we will, you know, take care of any and all vertical recoil with another attachment.

Call of Duty: Warzone - chuck

You definitely do not need to go run something like the hand stop on this thing just because it's going to be a little bit unnecessary. I'm in the magazine section. We go for the compact 60-round mag here. I mean, I'm a six-year-old mack kind of guy, so I'm going to go for that klauser 60, and it's overall just the best mag in general on the met ammunition side of things.

When you go for length, into the overall increase in bullet velocity, and then the rear up section here, we're going to go ahead and find the hatch grip here, vertical and horizontal recoil, and of course that flinch resistance, which is an absolute top-tier attachment, so I really like having the hatch grip and the optic section.

We're going to probably go down here almost to the very bottom, or at the very bottom, go for the SVT, three to six times magnification. This is a really solid scope on this gun, and I definitely do not recommend it for pretty much anything else. You could potentially get away with running something like the g16, 2.5x.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod

But otherwise, I pretty much say exclusively, to run the three, three to six times scope. Now for the stock section. I personally go for the very first one here, the VDD 24 s z adjustable stock, accuracy, speed, and aim walking movement speed. I really like this one, and I just find it to be a really solid stock.

Now in perk one, we're going to go for a tight grip here for accuracy and recoil reduction during sustained fire. It's going to make you an absolute lazy bee, and we really like that about this gun. And then in part two, we're going to go for fully loaded for that maximum starting ammo capacity. This is my full build here on the KGM m40.

I mean, it's kind of ridiculous, so let's get into it. First thing in the muzzle category, we're throwing that recoil booster. I got to run the recoil on pretty much all of our vanguard smgs. In the barrel section, what we're going to do is we're going to go for the amaretto 550, a millimeter three-p barrel.

This is definitely what I'd recommend for a run. I used to run the 570 barrel down here, but I just pretty much switched exclusively to running this. This is definitely the way to go on this gun. And the other braille section, we have a couple different options in here, but what I'm going to say is run the SG98.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadout

Compact. Aiming, walking movement speed, and, of course, that reduced scope sway and gun bomb. This is going to make you kind of a crazy strafe machine, and I really like that about this gun. Now the magazine section, I'm actually going to go for the 9 mil 60 round mag here, just the very first option, having 60 rounds.

The mag with this gun with a super high fire rate is pretty clutch and it allows you to take out quite a bit of, you know, people actually with one mag, which is pretty nice on the ammunition side. I'm going to go for like that here, just keep it very simple, increase that bullet velocity. And then the rear up section here.

What we're going to do is we're going to go find words in the groove script here that add firing speed and horizontal recoil control. I really like the grooved grip on this in combination with the SG98. It makes this thing really fun to use now. In the optics section, what you want to do is when you go through on the slate reflector here, you really don't need to run pretty much anything else.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadouts

You can get away with running like the 9R model 47. But at that point, it comes down to some personal preference, and mine is the slight reflector pretty much 10 times out of 10. Now in the stock section, what we're going to do is we're going to go for the imato, A skeletal mocking movement speed, aim, walking steadiness, and, of course, added speed and initial fire recoil.

The perk one section we're going to go through on sleight of hand is for the increase in reload quickness. I personally just think it takes a little bit too long to reload this gun otherwise, so I run it slight of hand and I've had great success with it. And in part two, we're going to go for the overall increase in sprint speed.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadouts after update

This is my full build here and I've been dominating with it here so much. Our next thing is the kilo. One to four. This thing is incredible. They pretty much gave this thing a massive buff and pretty much put it back into, like, the Verdance era. I mean, it was incredibly OP and they kind of lowered it down just ever so slightly, but the recoil is still non-existent.

First thing muzzle, we're going to go for that beautiful mono suppressor here. We run this on all of our modern warfare weapons. The barrel section, where you go for the stingray arms, is 19.8. The prowler has got to keep that prowler on there. There's no reason to ever switch off the prowler. You go for something like the SAT.

I've had people try to argue with me. Definitely do not ever run the SOCOM. You need to run the prowler if you're making this a truly effective, long-term plan. I'm serious that's what all the pro players do. You have to run the prowler. Under the browse section, we're going to go for the commando for grip, recoil stabilization, and aiming stability.

Call of Duty: Warzone - pacific

I'm just going to go for that 60-round mag of a six-year mag kind of guy, and so I'm just going to go for that 60. This is going to slow you down astronomically, and it's definitely not worth it, so only go for that 60 or the 50 if you feel so inclined to do so, but for me. I just go for a 60 and pretty much all my guns.

Now in the optics section we're going to go for. I will have a couple options in here actually, but I will go for the VLK, three times optic, but you also have the option to go for something like the Corp combat hollow sight, which is a really great option in there as well. And if you really want to get a little bit crazy with that, you could go for something like the pbx holo 7 site, which is the same thing as the corp combat holo but just looks ever so slightly different.

Today I go over the top warzone meta class setups top warzone meta loadouts after the warzone pacific update. This update buffed and nerfed a few meta weapons so I showed some new meta loadouts.
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