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Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadout

As we know, just after the season 4 reloaded update dropped, we got an additional weapon tuning update that buffed a ton of the snipers, made their initial ranges a whole lot better, and in turn really shifted the sniper meta a little bit back towards where it was before the sniper meta was completely obliterated.

With all the major one-shot nerfs now, we're not back to the OG state but we are in a much better sniper meta in general, so today I wanted to break down the new top five best snipers to be running after said update. So first up here, coming in at number five, I've got the HDR, one of the OG classic snipers in the war zone.

This is the one that we were all using on day one, obviously with a much different setup now. Back then, it was the thermal sniper meta where you could infinitely see across the map, but the HDR sort of stood the test of time. It obviously used to be the best sniper in the game, but now it's just number five.

It is a lot heavier than some of these other options. It's a bit slower in general for ads and general movement, but it can one-shot at any range, and it's nice and consistent with great velocity. Bullet Drop is really good for long-range sniping. So first up here we've got the monolithic suppressor.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best sniper loadout

We obviously want to go for the largest barrel in this case, which is the pro barrel, for better velocity and better range control. It doesn't really matter all that much on a sniper like this, but we also want to be using the attack laser for that better aim down sight speed. You could definitely use an optic here.

The base scope here has a great zoom for long range. A lot of players, though, also like to use the variable zoom, so that's certainly an option here. I do feel like you can sort of make the most out of this weapon by changing up some things here and there and running the base optics, so I feel like the stalker scout stock is sort of a must-have option here again, helping out with that ad.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best snipers

If you're okay with that base optic, you can go for something like a seven-round mag or a nine-round mag even if you really wanted to, or simply something, like focus for that better flinch deep breath for essentially, holding your breath longer if you're a really long range sniper, or simply slide of hand for that faster reload You don't care about that, you just want the variable zoom scope.

Go for that. You've got your five attachments. There are a couple of different ways you can build out the HDR. Now following that, I've got the zrg, another one that is perfect. For long range sniping, it's a little bit lower on the list though, because, again, just like the HDR. It is slower, it is heavier, it's just got that sort of clunkier feel, but for you know, 150, 200 meter fights with snipers or longer, even if you wanted to, this is going to get the job done with its insane velocity.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod

It does really good damage all across the board. It can one-shot headshot again at any range, so you cannot go wrong with that. For the muzzle here, a lot of players probably go for the rap suppressor because, yes, that does help out a bit with the velocity and range, but honestly, the sound moderator is still giving you better velocity, and it's going to make it a little bit more snappy and less like you're carrying around a two-ton sniper in your pocket, because you do want to have a decent ad still, so that'll help out some with that.

We also got the combat recon barrel on there. This helps out with the velocity too, so your long range is going to be fantastic. This five milliwatt laser here basically acts as the tack laser for that faster aim down sight. You definitely have to run the five-round mag. This thing comes based on three shots, which is just not really competitive at all, so unfortunately, you have to waste a spot there.

Now here's where things get interesting. This bass sniper scope zooms in like crazy. It has so much zoom, some players like that. If you do, I'd go for something like the airborne elastic wrap and get a better flinch. Then there you go, you've got your fine setup. I personally hate how much this thing zooms in, so you do have to use an optic here, and I think six times is the best way to go about that.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadout

Then here you can adjust your reticle as you want. I like precision. A lot of other players might have a special one that they really enjoy, but that's how I'd go about building that for them. decent zoom for long range but not something that's like overwhelming. So if you happen to be 200 meters away from an enemy and you want to try and snipe them, it's a little bit funky because of that, but still a top-tier sniper.

Now at number three, we've got the Swiss. It is definitely back up there towards the top of the list after this last update. It still can not be one shot within that about 50 meter range or so for super aggressive sniping. It's still going to struggle a bit, but its initial one-shot range is better than it was before, so fortunes keep on rebirthing even on Caldera.

If you are more of a run and gun player, you do have the potential to one-shot consistently. Within those more aggressive ranges so you love to see that we're not back to the OG days of that one shot anywhere, but this is definitely a lot more competitive now, so here we're going for the grow suppressor.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadouts

We also have the combat recon barrel on there for the best range and velocity combination. Again, we've got the five milliwatt laser for that better ad time. The base optic here, in my opinion, works just fine, so I then opt for the bruiser grip for better movement speed, which maybe helps to close the gap into that one-shot range a little bit faster.

Then there is also the airborne elastic wrap for that better ad and flinch resistance. So very snappy, great for quick scoping, great for aggressive sniping. You just have to mind your range. If you're someone who's trying to go for those consistent one-shot downs, then at number two, just like the Swiss, we got the car at 98k.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best sniper

I would love for this to be back in that number one spot. Other players might not because it's been there for so long, but this is definitely back up there towards the top of the sniper list for the same reasons. That one-shot range, while it's not infinite anymore, it did get expanded upon thanks to that buff update for all the snipers, so it is now even better for aggressive sniping, and again, on Fortunes keep on rebirth, it is a top choice even on Caldera.

You just have to know how to navigate and to mind your distance there, so you know where you're at in certain fights if you're going to take one shot or not. After that, you'll be fine. This thing is going to fry right. So of course we know the stuff because we've been using this for almost two years now.

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