Call of Duty: Warzone - Warzone: New Top 10 Best Meta Loadouts Ranked. Warzone Best Weapons

Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadouts

We've obviously seen a lot of weapon changes in weapon tuning go live in Warzone, which has sort of reorganized the very top of the meta into the best of the best. So today I wanted to go back through and rank our current top 10, best weapons in the game right now. It would be seriously appreciated.

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How is it number 10? You're gonna see throughout this list here that the most versatile weapons in the game are gonna be towards the top of the list, and while the smgs in this game are ridiculously dominant right now, the blixen and the ones that are gonna follow this, obviously numbers nine, eight, seven, so on and so forth , are just limited to close range, whereas rifles, obviously, even some lmgs, are a lot more mid-range and long-range.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best meta loadout

So yes, the blix is insane, but it's only insane for like 30 meters, whereas a lot of other guns have a much wider range. Range than that said, the Blixen has great control, great damage, and great speed. It's all around a super solid SMG. And honestly, the nerfed metal loadout is still a top contender.

Although we've got the recoil booster on there still running the f3 barrel, if you want some better strafe speed, you could always go for the custom. These are going to be very similar. F3 feels a little bit more consistent, while custom feels faster, so just go based on your preference there. We've also got the slate reflector on here, basic red dot, remove stock for some better mobility, keeping you nice and fast and agile.

More of the same with the skeletal underbarrel here, more of the same. The 72 Rolix Cinemag works just fine. It's just not going to be as consistent as 54, which despite the nerfs is still going to be consistent. It's also super easy to shoot. The mobility is kind of iffy compared to what it was before, but it's still a super fast sub.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best weapons

Some sonic to stay off the radar. We've got tape to help out with that mobility. Again, perk one, we're gonna go for fleet for that faster weapon swap and better movement speed, and quick on there's gonna give us that better sprint speed as well. So you got the mobility, you got the damage, you got the control, you got it all with the blixen right now.

Then at number nine, we've got the Marco, which is just like the Blixen but a little bit better in various ways. The speed of this thing is as fast as it can be. It flies, it fries. It's the best of both worlds right here. relatively easy to use great work all around I really, really do enjoy using the Marco.

Right now here, we've got the recoil booster, and before we move to the barrel, I've got to sneeze. For our barrel here, I'm loving the 240, but the better fire rate just gives you a really nice TTK. It makes it a little bit harder to use, but after you get past that and get used to it up close, you're going to love it.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod

We got the slate reflector. We also got the free stock for better ads and better initial firing control. Some super nice pros That skeletal stock will give us that better movement speed once more. I'm using the basic 64 round drums here. Better control, better hipfire accuracy, which is a nice added bonus, but also just for that magazine capacity, subsonic and taped on here yet again, perk one, we've got gung host, we can fireball sprint and perk too quickly, as usual, no surprises on that one, but super fun smg that has a lot of upsides and then Personally.

I think the best SMG in the game right now is the Armagera. You might have seen this in previous articles this week because we've been talking about this thing a lot. It is solid, man. I mean, it has great mobility, it's super competitive throughout, like all around. This thing is a beast of a smg.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadout

Here we've got the recoil booster and we've got the 315 body barrel. That's my preferred setup. The short barrel build also works well, but for me, the better damage and less fall off just makes it a lot more consistent all around. We've got the slate reflector, we've got the skeletal stock, which is that better strafe speed build, which skeletal helps out some with that initial control, skeletal helps out with that and that general movement speed of 960.

Plenty of ammo, still good mobility and relatively easy to control, as well as subsonic and taped as always, you already saw that one coming right perk one. I've got hard scope. You could also run steady though if you want a slightly faster strafe speed as well, but it's hard to go for that better control.

You can never go wrong with that. We've also got quick on there as well to match that sprint speed and increase that a little bit more. Now in number seven, I've got the UGMA08. This thing has sort of been in and out of the top meta. Obviously, the burst build when it first dropped was insane. That's been nerfed now.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadouts

The full auto build is very consistent, so the mx silencer here is helping out with the range, helping out with the control, and obviously keeping us off the map at 736. Barrel: This is going to be like having no recoil. It feels so easy to shoot. It's just slow. It's very heavy. It's an lmg though, so you already saw that coming.

We already knew that was going to be the case. You've just got to get past that. Learn how to play with the slower build here. Obviously, you're going to have a sub in your class setups for rotations, so you're not running around with this thing, you're just engaging long range with this thing, and in those areas, it is nice.

Why do I have a lock? For this thing's max level, on here I am using the three to six times optic, nice and ideal for some of that mid-range. For the stock here, I like anchor, also long-range. Therefore, for what it's worth, I like anchor, better control during sustained fire. We just have to make sure not to cross that with any initial firing control.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod meta loadouts

I've got the carver four grip on here, which helps out with the control. Nice and consistent, mainly vertical. It doesn't really seem like there's a lot of horizontal balance on this build in particular. For the magazine, you could go for the basic 100-round extender mag or, if you want something that's even more of a laser beam, the British 75.

Better control, better fire rate, you just have to reload a little bit more frequently, but that's not something you can't look past. We've got lengthened on there. We also got hatched on there as well. Perk one is going to go for a tight grip, more of that better control during sustained fire. You could also run something like Surveil, which also helps out with velocity, and that could be really good for long range too.

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