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Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadout

A weapon that has been largely obsolete since the caldera and the vanguard updates here in the war zone is the volk. For the longest time, it's just been too weak, didn't have enough range, had bad control, you name it, it just wasn't a competitive weapon, but after receiving several different adjustments over the past couple of seasons, honestly, the Volk is finally in a place where it is, seriously, good, especiallyfor With its different versatile builds, there are some insane close-range builds, some insane medium-range builds, you could potentially even use it for some range as well if you wanted to and today we're breaking down the best Volks setup or setups you might want to check out, so as we go through it all.

It would be seriously appreciated. Okay, so first things first, we gotta check out the stats. For just the volk itself, to figure out what is the true best ttk setup for the volk. What's the most optimal? You may also have noticed that yes, I'm wearing a different shirt from the intro and I'm wearing a different shirt from what you're about to see when we go over the class setups.

That's because they updated the Volk a little bit, they changed the TTK around, so I wanted to make sure we had the most up-to-date and accurate information with this. The setups themselves don't really change. We've got three that we're going to cover at the end of the article, but the TTK stats did get slightly adjusted, so why not?

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod

Things have changed with my appearance, anyway, when it comes down to the stats. As always, a shout out to Tony True Game Data for putting in the work and getting this info out for us. Two Volks setups that I think are the difference makers here. You either want the recoil booster with the 45 round mags and the 428 barrel or the recoil booster with the 428 barrel and the 60 round drum, so you're just changing the magazine here between the low recoil fast fire rate one and your basic extended mag, and as you can see, it's a pretty clear choice for a whopping 35 to 30 meters.

So in five meters, the 60 round drums have a better TTK, but outside of that, the clear winner is the 45. Clear choice here it's gonna be better for control, better for movement as well for like the sniper support build which is the main build here and even over range despite the you know worse magazine capacity it's still gonna be very solid for ttk versus the 60 round drums so now that we've got that out of the way, we can compare the Volk to other top-tier weapons.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadout

I wanted to compare it against the As44 and the Nikita with their optimal sniper support builds. They're like main builds you want to use because those are two other great sniper support weapons. So you've got the Volk, you got the As44, and you got the Nikita all dominating that sort of mid-range area right now, so obviously we had to compare those three.

Then I wanted to throw in the nz because, of course, that's a weapon that everyone has been trying to master over the past month or so because it's been the go-to gun, so it gives you a nice perspective as to where these weapons fall. Now, when we look at the stats here, we get a pretty interesting graph.

You'll notice that the NZ really has no benefits here at 32. What do we get with 32 meters here? It has a better TTK than one of these weapons, which is the Volk in this case. Obviously, we're looking more towards sniper support in the mid-range area, so it's not the nZ's necessarily best position, but it's still good for mid-range, right?

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadouts

It's not a bad weapon by any means, but compared to these three, it's not really a close competition, so let's get that out of here and throw it to the side. Instead, we just have the nikita. The As44 and the Volk Now you'll notice that yes, the Volk does have the earliest damage drop off here at 30 meters compared to the Nikita, which has a great damage range at 42, and then also the As44, which drops off a little bit early here, but obviously the Volk is the most severe here.

That said, there's something very important to take note of with these weapons as we take this chart into consideration, and that is the recoil. You can see the volk here is primarily vertical, but it does move slightly to the left. There is a bit of horizontal movement in the as44 as well. It's obviously very tight-knit and just up and to the right of the damage per mag and that fiery on the as44 makes even 30 plus 40 plus fight meters, obviously 35, 40, 45 plus meters.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best volk loadout

It makes those fights somewhat difficult, especially on things like consoles, where it can be a little bit tricky with that recoil and just how the weapon feels. Then you have the nikita, which has an immense amount of vertical movement. It doesn't move too much horizontally, but it moves a lot vertically, which means players are going to struggle with the volk's pattern here, which by all means is one of the easier ones we have in the game, so that's going to keep up the consistency, which means you're probably going to land more shots with the volk consistently, especially in this mid-range area than you would in As44 and then Akita, so it's not a super close competition from 30 to 40 meters here.

The realistic ticks when you factor in accuracy, the nikita and the as44, are going to raise a lot closer to the volk here, so it's a lot more competitive than you might think. And especially over some of these longer ranges, all the way up to 60 meters behind the face cam, there it actually is a lot closer realistically, but also up close through those first 30 meters, there is a negligible difference with the volk, but you also get the benefits of the way better control, like I said, really good movement, really good strafe speed all around the volk versatility.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod meta

There are just so many pros stacked on top of each other when you use the As44, when you use the nikita, you gotta factor in okay, the control here is gonna be really rough, the damage per mag on all these weapons, because the 45 round mag on the Volk is going to be kind of meh, but in general I feel like there are more upsides, there are more forgiving factors when using the Volk versus these other two, which make it a top tier weapon for mid-range, and like I said, we got a couple of different builds here, so you could even try out some long range and some super close range as well.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod volk

That makes this weapon one of the most versatile. In the entire game so that said, let's take a look at what these different setups, are like i said i'm going to go over the best general setup. I also want to focus on a close range setup and one if you wanted to try and use it for range, as well, so first up here, as we saw on the graph, we're using the recoil booster, the 428, barrel, which is going to give us that better range velocity and control and just make it generally very easy to use.

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