Call of Duty: Warzone - Top 5 Rebirth Island Meta Smgs After Update. Warzone Best Loadouts

Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadout rebirth island

Hey man, we got the top five SMGS currently after the update and they hit. You've got to give a shout out to the naughty gang. Make sure you guys follow all my socials, but enough of all that talking. The first gun we got up on the list man is the MW, mp5. The gun, they say, might be making a return.

Let's get straight into the setup. The next attachment around is the Merc four grip, which is the recoil control along with your hip fire. Actually, hip-firing accuracy. Hip-firing accuracy on this gun is actually really top-tier. You guys have to try it. Just to extend the ammo. It has a fast fire rate, so it does run out of ammo a lot, especially for an smg.

The next attachment around is the stipple grip tape, which gives you 88 speed along with your spring to fire speed. The very last attachment, as y'all already know, is to make it a movement. A lot of people have been saying it, but go ahead and take a screenshot, man. The next game we have got on the list is Armagera.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadouts

I had to throw this on here just because right now this thing has to be one of the top two SMGS in the game and I've been having so much fun using it. The next attachment, rant, is the best barrel, which is the Amarito 550 millimeter zero-three-p barrel, which gives you recoil control, flinch resistance, reduced sway, and then your bullet velocity.

Now we ran this barrel over something like the body or whatever, just because it's more stable. At medium range, it absolutely hits. Of course, I mean this in that it is lengthened, which gives you your bullet velocity. The rear grip is a grooved grip, which gives your abs firing speed along with your horizontal rego control.

Because this gun does kick up. Perk one is study, which gives your abs firing speed. Perk two is quick, which gives you your sprint speed. The stock is the Amarito t8 skeletal stock, which gives your 80s walking speed and walking steadiness. You know, along with your initial fire recontrol, this is the best stock, because of all the pros it gives you, it's absolutely insane.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadouts for

I have one of the top two SMGS in the game, and I'm going to take a screenshot. I'm going to keep it stacked. It has been a really dominant smg and it deserved to be on this list. That's all I'm talking about. Let's get straight into the setup. For the best barrel, we went ahead and ran the 5.9 in the sas voice barrel, which gives you effective damage, velocity, and stripe speed.

I tell you guys all the time. The next attachment randy is the Santa 53 round drum, which is x central ammo. It helps a lot in gunfights, more than you guys actually realize, but enough of all that talking. Go take a screenshot of the next gun we got up on the list. The Marco 5 is without a doubt one of my personal favorites.

It's been meta for almost two freaking seasons and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. Definitely top three in the game, but enough at all. Let's talk Let me let you guys see the best. The body's 240 millimeter vl barrel gives you more fire. This is why it has one of the fastest TTK's in the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best smg

The underbarrel is the m1930. The shaft angle on the barrel helps you with your wall on recoil control. It looks weird. I know the magazine is the eight millimeter nambu sixty-five, or sixty-four, round drum, which if you hit fire, actually revo trolls along with your, you know, magazine, extended ammo.

I mean, this shit is lengthened for the bullet velocity, even though it is an smg. I want to make sure my shots hit at a further range if I do try to use it at a further range. The rear grip is a hatch grip, which gives your vertical, along with your horizontal, recoil control, along with your flinch resistance.

I won't blame you. But I went to take a screenshot. Man Next game we got up on the list man, since we talking about top three SMG's, one thing that has gotten nerfed multiple times and it's still top three SMG in the game is the h4. Blix and I don't know how many times they're going to knock this gun down, but this thing is still one of the craziest.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best smgs

Guns in the game and i have the best build with it so enough of all that talking, let's get straight into the setup man. For the underbelly, we went ahead and ran the mark 6, skeletal, which gives your 80s speed along with your movement speed. A mark 6 skeleton goes crazy on the h4 blitzen just because it's already a steady enough gun that it doesn't need any more stability, so with the underbell we kind of maximize the movement.

You feel me for the bear. We ran the Bergstrom 17 inch f3 barrel, which gives you regal control and accuracy, along with the French resistance. The optics are always optional. The magazine is a 7.62 x 54 GRICO GRIICO 54 round magazine, which gives you regal control and accuracy headshot damage at 80 spd along with your magazine ammo capacity.

It's insane for the mags in the game just because of how many pros it gives you. For the ammunition, we went ahead and ran lengthening, which, you know, of course, gives you a bullet velocity. Rear grip is hatch grip which gives you a vertical and horizontal recoil control along with the flinch resistance, one of my favorite rear grip perks is fleet, which gives you your weapon swap quickness along with your movement.

Call of Duty: Warzone - chuck

Speed Pro 2 is quick and gives you your strength to fire speed. The stock is removed, which gives you your movement speed, spread the fire speed along with your adv. Yeah, like I said, one of the top tier SMGS in the game, definitely top three for sure. They nerfed it so many times and it's still amazing, but I'm going to take a screenshot.

Man, I had a little surprise. Let's get straight to it. So for the very last gun on this list, I had to add this even though we had the MW and MP5. On this point, the Cold War mp5 is no exception. One of the top five or top six SMGS in the game that you guys have to give a try. So enough with all that talking.

Let's get straight into the best setup. A lot of people say, "Don't run a barrel." I, personally, think it just doesn't hit as hard with a barrel, so we ran the nine-point-five-inch swiss barrel, which gives you effective damage, velocity, and straight speed. The magazine is the standard 50-round drum, which is extender ammo, of course.

Call of Duty: Warzone - cod best loadout

The stock is the raider stock, which gives you 80s fire movement speed and walker movement speed along with your sprint with fire time. Then the rear grip re-ran is the serpentine rack, which gives you your ads on this. I love switching up this class setup. It's personally the best, in my opinion, on the colder mp5, but I'm going to take a screenshot.

I definitely want to know.

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