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All right, ladies and gentlemen, you have requested a duo's, trio's, or even quadruple spectate game and I've never actually done it before. We are going on a 600,000 world series of war zone spectator games, so this is actually the qualifier to get into it. Anyone can cue into it though, so maybe they won't be, but I'm hoping we see a higher tier of players coming into this game.

Although we still have two afk droppers there, we're going to fight in the gulag. I feel like people are going to try harder in this mode, so it might take a while for us to find a game. Nope, this guy's already dead, so we're not going to die to the bot in the gulag who's already dead this early, so I'm just going to kill this guy real quick.

Give him a little tea bag and he says, "How does he lose that?" Because you're dying that early, you just got to step your game up man. But honestly, it's a little embarrassing. We got a lot of people watching, but that's okay. He didn't know, he didn't know, but if he's going to make it to the World Series, there's going to be a lot of people watching.

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You're going to have to be able to win your gulags when you've got a lot of people watching in the world series. All right, we're going in for the spectacle. Whom are we following? sniper Come on, hit it , man. I want to see the snipers dominate. I think that was the last thing for the team there as well.

And here we go. We're following another team not in a match. 3j and a user who I think is hiding his gamer tag through the streamer mode of the game or he just has the craziest name for a user. blah blah, but he is part of the i Ladies clan, so they are going to be laying these nuts on the enemies.

I'm excited about it. Let's see what they can do. I forgot you could do that, Kg. I mean, are you going to enter the world series? You should i mean, if they invite me, then I might play and get farmed. Another team is reset right below him. They hit the balloon, and in the air beam, badges shot from up top and down low.

The knock on killer was there though, and I got the finish on Killa as well, so it was a trade of flesh tags up on the roof. The better position is when Semtex goes out and Aramax is actually a pretty good long-range build. It eats the stun, though they can't out stem the stun. Double stun that's pretty much done for play right there.

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Good cover from the teammate, the athlete that was a call of duty athlete, this guy, uh, jumping in with the pounce, covering the teammate up on the roof, but three's got enough cash to get a buy back here. When this guy comes back, this is probably a gulag reset. A quick drop jumped out. That was the killer.

This is the guy they just killed, and he shoots the dead body too. That guy definitely was the guy that the other teammate, Badges, had just killed there, as he had just pulled inside here with no weapons on himself. These two teams are just going after each other 3v3 right now across all of. Of course they're out of the zone, so they're going to have to rotate, and the worst part is, there's probably going to be another team on the edge of the zone holding all the peeks.

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His eye lady pops off, causing a double kill. And for the boy who met the world outside of the game, that might have been a full team wipe there too. I didn't actually get a c, but it was only a double kill, so they could also have the random third somewhere else, or they could stop gulag, of course, as well, but they're going to have to rotate off peak.

This is the dangerous part. This is where usually. I think zone two is still early enough, but usually like zone three, especially by zone four, you kind of, especially in a mode where you really want to win, you're gonna want to get an early position over here. Actually, somebody just called in this truck here.

The anti-air vehicle was called in. I don't know how they even did that, but maybe they did the sabotage contract. Yeah, sabotages are in, so he must have shot that, but maybe it's a label. I don't think it's an anti-air. I think it's a reinforced truck. They do have players down there because of the precision.

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He gets the knock, okay he gets the nut. Maybe this guy was inside and thought he was safe and it just went through the wall. As I lay there, he got the follow-up. When they finished off of one, it looked like the other was potentially a balloon out while the other player was there. They're pretty good on kills, but they're going to have to get the rotation in.

This is where they could get healed. It's not the worst place though, like it's early enough to where there's plenty of options for him to rotate, but that's where like zone three, especially zone four five hundred percent, especially with half the zone out, it's like, there's limited options of where you can even go and that's where you really start to see the elaims happen, but this lobby's staying up pretty well.

There are still 37 players alive out of the 16 teams. I wonder if more people are going to want to use ghosts in this. I don't think so because of the nerf. They did the ghost. I just don't see this being it. These guys are in full send mode. They traded their badges and did the opening damage to get the crack.

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Great finish though, from ego stay with me, from three rather. That was a good team push there. As long as they're pushing together, they should have the numbers on this air strike coming off top. He actually didn't even need the air strike that badges get re-knocked if he just used his AR and started getting some shots there.

He could have kept the pressure, but let's see if I can get the kill up top. I'm trying to switch over, but it's going to be slow to switch. Spectates they had him on uav. Of course, uav was now down following an eye lady. The lady was on the case. He even took some shots. I don't know how he got away.

He dipped into the town, three goes for the counter shots, teams pushing up good cross angle there, a lot of misses from my lady off the open, but you saw the reaction, he was trying to just get on to cover the teammate. He didn't have the angle, though. That was just not having the line of sight, but I like the reaction to it.

Call of Duty: Warzone - new map gameplay

It pops the stem trying to go for a juke stop and a push. That was covered by the teammates. A great head shot finish. I think he's on controller as well, because I saw a little bit of a little bit of it. Not that that's bad or anything. I'm just making an observation here. So this is basically the qualifying bracket.

It's open, so you guys can cue in on it too, but it's a six hundred thousand dollar world series of war zone tournament. Great initial shots didn't get the knock, good target switch over, that guy was not fast enough to react to cover his teammates, almost got the knock there and that was an opening for that second guy he was shooting to start going for counter shots off an easy knock follow up there.

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