Call of Duty: Warzone - This Is How You Counter Snipers In 2022

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To me, this reticle apparently has less visual recoil to it. I saw some side-by-sides and it didn't really look like that big of a difference to me. I couldn't really tell the difference, but to me the kg already has minimal recoil. It's already insanely good. I don't know, I mean, I think overall this is a good looking optic, but I'll say that recon send it over the beginning flyover, moving.

This guy's got a load coming in. Let's see if he gave it to me at the angles he crossed over. That's the target. He should have put it in the tent. A perfect airstrike too. He'll probably be able to get the pop if he's fast enough. Nope, not fast enough. We should have just beamed him with this.

He would have already been dead five minutes after this. See, it's like why do snipe when you could do that? Well, it's because it's fun and we're desperate for anything that can get us snipers, we're living on a we're living on a prayer. We live in delusionsville. Gas is moving shit. There was a vehicle, so he got out.

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His closing distance is actually bad, though. We need to keep getting farther. I think a sniper's shot just came from uphill there. I really wanted to just hit the balloon and dip, but that was even too risky to do. Those are typically the players that kill me the most, the trophy truck pushers, because they usually have a good close-range option as well, and they can make great plays, and there's not much you can do to count.

Even with the utility, obviously you can't counter. I'm so good at this game that I can bait and switch to get the double kill. My brain is so absolutely ginormously big that it's oozing out of my ears. That's what he said. Those are his words, not mine. He's going to kill me. Yes, we got just enough of a lead that it was massive, but now he's out of the game.

Those are my favorite people to eliminate when they're good. I was nervous because he was playing it correctly and he was closing distance on me. I'm very close to the range being very weak. Obviously, I'm just using kg with 36x on it. This thing is a range annihilator, but we're going full range combo.

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That's why I'm trying to stay out of buildings. We control height positions. We stay in our advantageous zones. We need to start prioritizing our rotation here. We do have cover at this bridge. We can utilize I didn't see anybody rotating down here earlier; it could have been somebody down in a bush, and there it is right at the edge of the building, a precision airstrike.

We're forced to move. We have these buildings right here, but this is the guy who knows where we are, but they called for an airstrike, so their position should be blown up. The question is, are they going to go for a play on me here and push me closer to the line, which would be their best play?

I'll go this way because I don't have a submachine gun. Or do they stay low on the building side, where he might have used it as a rotating shot? There are shots right of two players there, three unaccounted for. One should be over here, so we should only have two unaccounted for. That building is still there, so they could be holding that pretty tight.

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We're very weak in this building right now. Let's hope nobody's under me so we lose that fight. Okay, the edge of that building is only in. The shots sounded like they were over there. One did die off. This guy making outside play over here would be super sketchy. If an airstrike went out up there, there could be somebody already up there, which would be a super good counter spot for me right there.

We had to win that on the cross. I couldn't go for a pure run; he would have been able to beat me out. great head glitch behind the car, but not quite enough damage to take him out. He's got the arma, but I don't know what his secondary was there either. He had a really good position, though I don't think that came down to the kg being bad honestly.

I think it worked out really well. I think he just had a really nice position and I was in a force play, so he had a little more time. I don't know where the last guy is though. He goes for the airstrike purchases there but doesn't buy a gas mask. No, his gas mask wore out and he got beamed from playing in the zone.

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This is a big mistake he made by going for that random airstrike into the zone because he gave his position away. Imagine if he used the gas mask to stim all the way around and got a flank. He could have potentially won that out. But he goes for the blind air strike, calling in an air strike for no reason, giving his position away, and that's a game over, especially held out on his own.

But he's living on a prayer. He's living on a prayer. The 14-kill game guys just leapt and bounds better by using what is still not a good strategy. Imagine if we just used a good submachine gun with the kg. It would have been even better if And obviously, we did hit some great snipes in that game, but that was really good and I gotta say Kg's feeling really good.

I don't know if I really noticed the difference, but again, like I saw God posting about this thing, he was getting messages from people saying it just had less visual recoil on it and it looked a little better to use. Either way. I feel like this gun's so easy to use either way that it's not.

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