Call of Duty: Warzone - They Won't Know What Hit Them. Max Damage, Fastest Firing Itra Burst Loadout. Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone - best itra burst loadout

In today's article, we are talking about the first meta coming back into the warzone, and it really, really surprised me. I thought this was just kind of gonna be like a meme loadout or something. You know, you run the numbers on it and it's like, you know, I'm a big person that it doesn't necessarily matter what the numbers are like, it matters what the feel of the gun is.

That's why I say, like the kg, it's currently one of my favorite guns to use as opposed to the cooper. I love the Cooper. It's great in solos, but let's be honest, I'm not going to rock the Cooper in solo quads. In today's article, I pull out the itra, burst, and find out that it kills faster than the kg, the nz, the stg, And it's actually really viable for use.

If you're using it on a small map, I'm going to show you the numbers and I'm going to show you some gameplay as well. I'm going to show you some clips of me reacting to it all the way to the end, where I clutch out a solo dub, and even in that, at the very end. I'm reaching way far out with my distance and still beaming with the burst weapon.

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It kind of makes me feel like the old days, you know, like modern warfare or the cold war, or coldwear m16. It's feeling pretty good, but without further ado, let's go ahead and take a look at it right here. These are the numbers that blew my mind. We talked about these back in the top 10 loadouts articles, so if you want to get a heads up on all the metas Make sure you're following those articles.

I'll talk about all the numbers that I'm seeing with season updates, but look at this man. The utra burst kills in 642 milliseconds. That is faster than the Cooper Carbine, and keep in mind that is the Cooper Carbine. With the compressed rounds, that thing kills as fast as I possibly can. It smokes the kg.

There are a lot of clips in today's articles where I am absolutely obliterating. People now, obviously with burst, there's kind of that burst interval, so if they're finessing and you're missing some shots, you're going to feel it more than you would with a full auto gun. I'm not going to say this is top tier meta, but I am going to say it is jarring how fast you kill people, especially in close map situations.

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But even at a long range, I will say one thing. I did make a mistake. When I originally recommended this class to you and when I was rocking in today's article, I was actually rocking it with vitality. What vital does tight grip go over to each burst? I was rocking it with vital and vital makes it go from 31 to 32 to the chest, but this is inconsequential, like the amount of bullets it takes to kill isn't going to change by me putting vital on, but when I put vital on, what it does is it adds a lot more recoil and visual recoil, so what I would suggest doing and what's going to blow your mind is switching to Do you think this gun doesn't move when you're watching the clips in the background?

Call of Duty: Warzone - icemanisaac

It's actually going to move even less when we rock something like slide of hand, which is going to help us with a faster reload speed, or surveil, which will help us out with bullet velocity, but the key to this build is initial firing recoil. As you start to move around, it'll vary here and there, but on the whole, if you're hitting stomach, chest, or head, it is an absolutely incredible gun to use, especially on small maps, with a super snappy aim down sight of only 268, milliseconds, compared to something like the kg with its 536, and we end up with the final build.

MX silencer rapida, three to six adjustable. Sleight of hand, or, surveill. Once again, this does not help, and vital actually hurts your recoil control, so you're going to think I'm beaming now. Imagine how good it's going to look without vital, strife angles, just because it has a little bit of what I don't like.

I don't want any horizontal, so move on my on my burst guns right. I want it to go simply up their chest. You could try out something like the hand stop as well. That would help out with some of that vertical recoil control, but ladies and gentlemen, this is a beam. It's highly recommended for solos and duos, but definitely not something I would recommend for trios and quads.

Call of Duty: Warzone - itra burst attachments class setup build

It's definitely something I would really recommend if you are a small map rebirth or fortune ski player. This gun is jarring to use, but ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to show you some clips of me using it, reacting to it, and, most importantly, clutching it. Make sure to drop a like on this article and subscribe if you took a screenshot.

At the moment, I appreciate all the support lately. Peace on, like a small map. I mean, the fact that I'm even getting some long-range beams on it , this is something I was not expecting. I was thinking I would kind of have to kind of like have to force it a little bit to get some good gameplay out of this.

Yeah, the stats look good, but it's kind of nice and kind of fun. All I said was, "You kid me three times, lost every time, and a sweaty rose 3.0," so yeah, I'm gonna tap your body a few times, you're gonna sweat that hard. You would think you would understand it. You're a little sensitive.

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