Call of Duty: Warzone - The Ak74u Is The Next Meta Smg On Rebirth Island. Not Clickbait

Call of Duty: Warzone - ak74u

I don't know what it is, guys, but the AK-74u is actually considered one of the best SMGS in the game statistically. As you can see on this graph, the 74u is the orange line. Anything above the orange line means it has a longer time to kill and anything below means it has a short time, so yes, the armagura does beat it by a ton, but that's only from about zero to eight meters or so.

At eight meters, the 74u will actually outgun the Armagora at all ranges. It looks like from up until about nine meters, it's pretty neck and neck with the marco, but after nine meters, the 74u will be even with the marker. I don't know when this happened or when this changed, but the 74u actually might be meta, and with that being said.

Maybe I should start going to chemicals early. I don't know; I mean, that worked; it almost didn't; the pistol could just suck the aiming, but it did work this time. Maybe I should come here early. Do you always get comments from people saying they're tired of seeing me lie to control? Control is essentially the redemptive dribble into the superstore.

Call of Duty: Warzone - alcatraz

All right, so we have officially confirmed that Orange is Afk. Blue's actually going to try to save his life, which is a little shocking. Maybe he's not afk and he broke his ankles and they're talking in discord or something and they're definitely not in game chat. But it seems to be like a sundown now and I'm not against it.

I'm not even kidding. It actually doesn't seem bad. It's weird because I used to hate this thing, but now I kind of like

The AK74u is actually better than almost EVERY SMG in Warzone! Hope you all enjoy the Video.
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