Call of Duty: Warzone - Nadia Admits To Cheating. Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone - cheating

At least in each article I posted about Nadi, there's at least 40 000 people watching those articles, so at least 20 000 of you could go to Twitter and retweet and quote retweet that tweet to get Nadi. They can ignore me, but they can't kill all of us. Yes, that was all in one game and if you actually watch the entire game, she had more than 40 plus kills in the lower torso, but the thing is.

I was going through her articles on her channel and I noticed this in three different instances on three different articles that she actually admitted to only shooting players in the lower torso, but you're probably wondering how. Let me show you. No, I don't have good guns. I'm sorry i was so close you would have got shit on me if I had a good gun.

So I put a poll up on my youtube channel to ask people if the groundwood mp40 is a bad gun and 86 percent of the people said "Hell no, she tripped," because we all know the ground loot mp40 actually hits now if you come to true game data and check the ttk on the stomach, or aka the lord torso. It actually has the highest ttk out of all the ground loot weapons, and I did not know that until Nida kept saying that the mp40 was a bad gun.

Call of Duty: Warzone - gameplay

Why do you think that it's because the h4 blexton has one of the lowest ttks when it comes to shooting people in the stomach in this game? It's down there, basically just getting chest shots. A group of streamers actually came at me on twitter because I said Nadi was cheating, so I laid a trap out for them and said, "You know what, the granule mp40 is trashed randomly." And then one of the guys said, "Why did he even say that?" It's wild that he said that because the groundhog mp40 is statistically one of the best guns in the game, so if you know why Nadi, the best female player in Warzone, doesn't know that it is statistically one of the best ground weapons in the game, because she already established that the mp40 is one of the worst guns in the game.

That's because she's toggling to the lower torso and it has one of the worst TTK's. Now if that's not enough proof for you, I am going to show you more clips of her toggling to the lower torso. The animation is done straight back to the lower torso. This player lands and goes behind some bushes, and she shoots at him, and her first shot hits the lower torso.

Call of Duty: Warzone - gaming

In this clip, you can clearly see Nadia taking her thumb off the analog stick and her aim tracking this guy at the hip when he falls out of the window. Now he's not perfectly tracking at the hip of a downed player that flew out of the car when the car exploded, and how you can confirm this is I'm going to let the article play and you can watch her run over there and I'm going to point out the dead player on the floor.

Now if that's not enough proof for Raven Software. Honestly, that looked like my teammate, the first person to get the kill for it. But I got the kill for it. But I got the kill frame. But I got the kill for it. I've got the kill frame, but I won't. This guy is literally running, running. Come on, you go, my God, Jesus, I'm right here.

Call of Duty: Warzone - nadia

It's the last guy. So if you go to Nadi's YouTube channel and you go to the first article she has on her channel, it's from a year ago. If you click on that article, it is from June 28, 2021. So you can see in her clan tag that it says Rafi. That means she's a part of the Omid clan at this time. Surely i thought on August 30th, 2021, someone called her out on twitter saying that she had some suspicious gameplay and her katie just spiked up out of nowhere and Rafi, the owner of Omeglen, actually comes and replies and says "he's not wrong while you're celebrating, so suss and you live in Argentina, apparently went from a 1.2 kd to now off weekly 4.25, yeah okay buddy, get cut." So now we understand that she's no longer a part of the home clan and was called out for a lot of suspicious gameplay.

The tweets from Rafi saying that she had suspicious gameplay were from 10 months ago, and then she came back on July 1st of 2022. So if you go to a car tracker, you can actually see the 44 kill game that she has on youtube now, but there are a lot of other high kill games that are not on our youtube channel that came after.

Call of Duty: Warzone - nadia cheating

She got her 44 kills, high gameplay, and even if you watch that gameplay, it has a lot of suspicion in it. Imagine all these other games that we're not able to see. Could these be the articles she deleted from my channel? Look at her car tracker. On June 30th she posts, and then the next day she posts on July 1st.

Then she has like two bad games and she doesn't post. If you didn't get the gist of that story, A year ago, Nadia set the world record for dance, and two months after that, tweets appeared that she got kicked out of Omit for sus gameplay. If you check her contract, you can see where she was going bad and the day before she actually started content creating again and she started doing good.

A couple of days later, she takes a break and a lot of her articles have just been deleted off her YouTube channel and a lot of her gameplay that's on her car tracker is not accounted for. Then on July 22nd, she gets a massive spike in followers on twitch and tick tock, and now everyone's Looking at her gameplay, all eyes are on Nadiya, the top female warzone player.

Call of Duty: Warzone - nadia cheating in

Everyone's eyes were on her, and then she just started doing terrible. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind that she is cheating. She did a lot of things before she came back and the day she came back. Look at her contract. It all makes sense. She's doing bad all the way up until the time she comes back and starts content creating again, and then she starts doing good.

Come on, we've got people stream sniping in February and lobbies.

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