Call of Duty: Warzone - I Went From Bot To Pro Movement In. Here's How

Call of Duty: Warzone - advanced movement

advanced movement, Turn on any pro warzone player's stream and you'll see enough slide cancels and bunny hops to make your head spin, and it's not just because they're trying to look cool. Advanced movement gives you a peak advantage in gun fights and can make you extremely hard to track in close quarters fights, but it's not as easy as the pros make it look to combine these moves to break your opponent's ankles.

Yeah, learning how to consistently outmaneuver my opponents was something that I struggled with for months. What you won't see from watching the pros is that you're very likely to get absolutely smoked when you first start using advanced movement because the margin for error is extremely small. On the other hand, if you don't use these movements at all, you're putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage against good players, and you're going to get camera enough to start your own Instagram page.

It's a tough spot to be in and I know that some of you are stuck where I was, so today I wanted to share with you four key insights that I learned the hard way that'll help you take these individual movement skills and combine them to start creating hyatt reels of your own. Okay, maybe a little bit further right here.

Call of Duty: Warzone - b hop

This clip's pretty old, so let me clean it up a little bit. Okay, there, this was my movement a year and a half ago. I know that 80 fov makes you look slower, but you can still have crack movement at a lower fov, which I'm demonstrating here. Yeah, I think it's fair to say my movement needed some work.

Also, does anyone else miss how far you can spell c4? Ah, those were the days, anyway. It was around this time, in the middle of 2020, that I discovered someone streaming on Twitch who would make me rethink how I wanted to play the game. Way before the explosion of movement kings on Rebirth Island, there was one streamer who stood out from the rest with his explosive movement on Verdansk.

I'm talking about the original movement king, Joe. I remember thinking his movements were absolutely insane. The first time I saw him play, he played super aggressive and consistently put his opponents on skates. Even if he had some self-proclaimed issues with finding the right one, no one could deny that his movement was crack.

Call of Duty: Warzone - movement demon

I knew immediately that I wanted to play like that, so naturally I practiced my slide cancels and bunny hops, and I started to run around the map and play more aggressively. And man did I get smoked. What I failed to realize at first is that advanced movement is pointless without gun skill. You have to practice both.

My slide cancels were fine for getting around the map, but as soon as I got into a gunfight, the movement completely messed up my centering and caused me to miss way too many shots. I figured this out pretty quickly after re-watching some of my gun fights, so I started practicing my movement while shooting at targets, and this is when I started to see massive improvements.

My kd started consistently going up, new logs became easier, and I was dropping more kills in each game. I even invested in a PC to get every advantage that I could, and after a few months of work, my movement and gun skills felt really consistent. I was even getting sent to the good luck zone by players using hardly any movement at all.

Call of Duty: Warzone - movement guide

I mean, how did they do it? Okay, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against skill-based matchmaking, but since Warzone doesn't have a ranked mode, it wasn't apparent to me at first that I was now always playing against way better players, so it was frustrating. But after a lot of struggle, I finally realized that the advanced movement that was working against the lower-skilled players was something that was not going to work in the higher-skilled lobbies.

Unfortunately, one day on stream I heard the advice that I needed, so that means you got to train your brain to not be dumb and over trial knowing you have no escape. So if there's an opponent around the corner for me, instead of sliding cancelling out far past the wall, one smarter option would be to hug the corner with my side cancel and strafe back into cover while I'm shooting.

Call of Duty: Warzone - movement king

This gives me peeker's advantage and information on his positioning, so now I can decide to re-challenge. Run away and plate up or bait the push, and if we go back to that previous gunfight that I lost, there was absolutely no reason for me to bunny hop out into the open. I don't have any cover that I'm jumping to, and I just exposed my entire character's hitbox.

I also slide-canceled directly toward him for no reason right as he was peaking and gave him free shots. I should have played the corner head glitch right here and I probably would have won the gunfight. Now there are a million different scenarios like this, but the point is, don't overcommit to a gunfight if you don't have to.

You always want to keep your options open to repositioning if necessary. And you do that by using the environment around you to enhance your movement. By doing this. I was finally back to winning gunfights in these sweatier lobbies, and I was able to get my kd above 2 for dance before I started to play more rebirth, so I probably should have been happy with my improvement at this point, but because I'm a weirdo who can't seem to just have fun.

Call of Duty: Warzone - movement tips

I wasn't. I usually panicked and messed something up. Even if I did get a decent clip, my movement seemed slow and not that coordinated. I didn't know what to practice to get better, so I tried playing more solo quads and even changed my controller sensitivity, but that didn't really help. What was the secret to taking my movement to the next level?

Right well, I struggled with this question for a while, and then one day I stumbled onto something. I queued up in a custom game with the plan to practice peaking corners. This was something I had seen a lot of good players do during gunfights to get information on their opponents, but I had never really practiced it before.

As I was sliding back and forth practicing, I realized it was actually kind of hard to put two slide cancels together. It was difficult to get my centering right and I kept jumping on accident, but I started practicing this each day and it eventually got easier after I realized I needed to watch my gun go up before I started my next slide or else I would jump, and one thing led to the next and I started to wonder how fast I could make these slides go back and forth faster.

Call of Duty: Warzone - rebirth island

And when I started to work on this, something in my mind clicked. I had seen Joe do this slide cancel loop a million times, but I never thought to practice it, and that's where I had messed up players with good movement switching directions fast enough to make their enemies miss too many shots. It's no different than an NFL player juking an opponent.

I wanted to share with you how I improved my movement in Warzone over the last year and a half. I went from an absolute bot to a 4 KD player, and you can too with these tips.
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