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Call of Duty: Warzone - 3 line

Today we're going to be discussing the top four snipers in Call of Duty Warzone by comparing their strengths and weaknesses to one another. Now, what's considered the best sniper is going to depend on your own play style and also which map you play on. Starting off, we've got the zrg, from the Cold War, the zrg XL.

Thanks to its unlimited range potential for a one-shot headshot, it can still have a relatively fast aim down sight speed of 444 milliseconds and a solid bull velocity of 1168 meters per second. It features a simple and clean reticle, although it is not customizable. Its two major weaknesses are number one, its flinch when being shot at or how much your scope jumps when you take damage, and number two, with it being considered a heavy sniper, its overall mobility and movement speeds are on the slower side, so for the zero g loadout.

I always recommend going with the combat Recon Barrel, as this gives us our fastest possible full velocity, then the SWAT five milliwatt laser sight is going to give us that fastest reduction in our aim down site speed time. I recommend the five-round mag as this gun only starts its default with three rounds.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best 3 line rifle class

The serpent wrap is going to be your best bet for reducing ads. However, the airborne elastic wrap is good as well, not quite as fast but helps with our flail resistance and our aiming stability, which can be very nice as well, but the muzzle typically I would say the sound moderator is your best bet, definitely if you play on the smaller maps, but if you play on Caldera, you can sacrifice a little bit of ad for some faster bullet velocity if you use the wrap suppressor.

Next, we've got the three lines from Vanguard. Similar to the zero g, it also features an unlimited range for a one-shot headshot down statistically. The three-line has a slight lead in several categories over the zrg, though, such as faster bullet velocity and a much higher ammo capacity. With my recommended build, the ads are just slightly faster than the 0 g at 441 milliseconds, which is pretty fast for a heavy sniper.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best loadout

One of the big advantages of the Vanguard snipers over the Cold War and modern warfare is that with the optics, the 3.5 x optic allows you to have no sniper glint, so you don't see a bright dot when you're looking at someone typing, or. You can also go with the three to six x or the four to eight.

The downside of the 36 and 48 is that they do not allow you to hold your breath and they both do have a sniper glimp. You could as well take this off and go with the default scope. However, I dislike this on the third line in particular because it has a lot more aiming, sway, or lack of aiming stability where you have to hold your breath to shoot the gun.

It's basically now for us to get these faster ads, but still good bull velocity to go with the empress 514 barrel and the Mercury Sounder. The MX saucer does give you a little bit faster bullet velocity, but it's got plenty as is, so we go with the Mercury. Then the rest, we're going to try to reduce that aim down to tight speed, so the mark skeletal and the leather grip do this now.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best sniper

The fabric grips help just slightly more, but I like the leather because it helps with aiming stability with this gun, and then the custom MZ stock is also going to help with that aim down sight speed. We will go with the 30-06.20 round mag. This helps a lot with our damage and bolt velocity, and the 20 round mag is a very nice lengthened.

As well, silent focus helps our aiming stability and reduces that sway of the scope on hand, which actually does reduce your aim down sight speed just slightly. Now let's get into the more aggressive light snipers, and of course, we've got the good old Modern Warfare car 98k. Now for those new to Warzone, this is under the Marksman rifle category, but if you're one of those people who says the car isn't a sniper, I have two questions for you.

One, does the car take Marksman ammo or sniper ammo, and when you go down sun with it, do you say I Marksman, them, or I sniped at them? The Modern Warfare core is the best sniper for aggressive players who like to use their sniper at close to medium range simply because it has an extremely fast aim down side speed of 341 milliseconds.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best sniper caldera

With my build, while still maintaining a solid one-shot headshot range of up to 70 meters, its bull velocity is also solid at 11 – 25 meters per second. The mdp core also has less flinch compared to our previous two heavy snipers, and you can definitely tell us a lighter sniper in terms of its mobile ability.

This is my preferred build that does have the max range. We get that between the monolith suppressor and the 27.6 barrel, and then to reduce the ads as much as possible, we go with the tack laser, the f-tech, sport comp stock, and the Of course, we're going to use the sniper scope for the reticle.

I prefer the cross thread, although some other ones that are good are also the cover shot. Now, there are a few options with this that you can make the aim down side speed even faster. Number one, you can switch to one of these smaller barrels. You can also take off the suppressor all together and then go with something like the stippled grip tape.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best sniper fortunes keep

Sometimes people also take off another attachment, such as the stock or the rear grip, and they go with something like sleight of hand, which does drastically reduce that reload speed. There are lots of options, but personally, I think that the max range build is your best bet. And lastly, if you want an aggressive sniper that has a considerable amount more range than the Modern Warfare car, switch to the Vanguard, Card 98.

With 23 meters more range and 145 meters per second faster bullet velocity, the Vanguard version is much more versatile at range. The main drawback, though, is the 78 millisecond delay in ads. However, with a moderately faster movement speed, an option for a no glint build plus better body damage For the Wenger car, it has a lot of other advantages over the MW version now with the SD silencer and the VDD REO 2K barrel.

Call of Duty: Warzone - best sniper rebirth island

This gives us that maximum range of 93 meters, but another option you have is you can go with the Scout silencer for a little bit faster ads and a little bit less range. So, for rebirth or just a more aggressive player, this might be the better option for you. In order to reduce the ads as much as possible, we will go with number one, the small pistol, grip fabric.

Then the short stock again for the optics. I prefer the 3.5x because it has no sniper glint, but we can still hold our breath. Although the three to six x or just the default are great options as well, I think the default is a little bit better for range, especially for the 3.5. I do prefer the mill line crosshair reticle, by the way, and then for the rest of the build.

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