Call of Duty: Vanguard - Hitler's Death Cutscene - New Reich (cod Campaign Cutscene)

Call of Duty: Vanguard - campaign

So I borrowed a bomb from the Ruskis and turned myself in. We got about, well, about an hour before that wall blows wide open and we waltz right out of here. If we live that long, we can't trust him. He's just a shitpilot. A shit ace pilot is what you mean. I'm with the lady. What the hell do you know about explosives?

Yeah, well shit you too, then I'll tell you why we can trust him. Here we go. Wait a minute, you're not part of the plan, are you? Well, it looks like we're both going to end up on that meat pile back there. One thing I learned from studying allied strategy redundancy is to always have a plan b for when the Soviets invade the city.

Lady Nightingale will be my leverage. I will exchange her for my own safe passage. Well, that's one hell of a plan, Fritz. It probably would have

Call of Duty Vanguard Hitler's Death Cutscene - New Reich COD Vanguard Campaign Cutscene. This is a cutscene from Call of Duty Vanguard's single-player campaign.
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