Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - Yes, You Can Play Modern Warfare 2 Early. Here's How. New Mw2 Campaign Early Access Details

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - cod mw2 gameplay

So, Call of Duty just dropped a bombshell.

New modern warfare 2 gameplay trailer

New modern warfare 2 gameplay trailer

Check it out. Pre-order Call of Duty: Play Modern Warfare 2 and the campaign, and get up to a week early.

What this new modern warfare 2 trailer shows

There is so a lot to digest from that in terms of just sheer breakdowns of the gameplay and things like that, some of the information that comes along with how you can end up getting early access, but early access for the Modern Warfare 2 campaign has been confirmed.

That was something that was leaked earlier in the month or later last month. I forget which one off the top of my head, but before we jump into that, graphically speaking, this game looks brilliant from that trailer and if that is the graphical fidelity that we can expect to see across at least next generation consoles and maybe even the last generation consoles.

I'm thoroughly impressed. A lot of this offers new glimpses, of course, publicly speaking, of some of the missions upcoming, the repel sequence. We get some glimpses of first-person gameplay. Again, very brief looks at this, but gameplay, no less. We got some cool-looking shots. We get some things that look to pay homage to iconic bits of modern warfare lore.

It looks like another version of all gillied up. It looks like there's a C130. Maybe that's a teaser for War Zone 2, but overall, just from 30 seconds here, I love the looks we're seeing so far. Like we mentioned, this was something that was leaked before this campaign, early access. However, it follows the theory that we had here on the channel rather than what was kind of insinuated by people actually digging through the game code.

A lot of people thought this would be something that comes out during season four, like an alpha of some sort, letting us play one, two, maybe three campaign missions early, but in fact, this comes at the tail end of this waiting period, building a little bit more pre-launch hype because this will give us early access, up to a week early for modern warfare 2.

How to play modern warfare 2 early. (campaign early access)

How to play modern warfare 2 early. (campaign early access)

So Let's break this down real quick. How do you gain access to it? That's something that doing so digitally allows a sort of white list on your account, for lack of better terminology. It's just something that is tethered to your account that, once pre-loaded, the game will be able to recognize, Hey.

I've already paid for this. I can then gain access to it, which means unfortunately, on the flip side, those that enjoy physical copies of the game, it doesn't seem like you're going to have the ability to gain campaign early access, at least not just yet. Unless they work something out here, the way this is worded, it seems like physical copies don't have that ability, and again, that kind of just comes down to the fact that the game and the platform, once preloaded, don't really know that you have it fully paid off, that you own it ahead of time.

What does "up to a week early" mean?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - cod mw2 gameplay leaks

That kind of makes it sound like you're not going to have that at full capacity. Now, the nice part is that this is basically a formality. Based off of all of the subtext and disclaimers shown in this trailer as well as in the blog post accompanying it, one week of play time is subject to change due to possible server outages and time zone differences.

So the way that I read this and interpret it, it seems like you're basically guaranteed one week before launch and it's not going to be something where it's like PlayStation gets a week and Xbox gets three to four days. It doesn't seem like that, so I wouldn't worry just yet. So I gotta say man. Damn, as somebody that's really looking forward to this campaign, they ruined my pre-order. So I think that if I do like the beta, they might finally get me to pre-order here with this, but that's a big one here that we've never really seen before, except for modern warfare mastered to some degree, but that was a PlayStation exclusive, not for digital pre-orders for any platform, so pretty big bonus here added out of nowhere, but outside of that we ended up seeing The road to launch is kind of now fully filled out.

The new modern warfare 2 road to launch

The new modern warfare 2 road to launch

Of course, Call of Duty is next, starting as of one month from yesterday. Though we don't know if there's going to be any hands-on component or game play shown off in particular, it might just be a trailer, but it might also be something that with the amount of creators and press out there, maybe there is games actually run of Warzone 2, but the day following Call of Duty next September 16th, the 20th, which is beta weekend 1 here on PlayStation, so at that point you're going to have pre-orders available for early access, and then on the 18th, 19th, and 20th.

I want to say it is the open PlayStation beta, so if you didn't pre-order it, you do have the opportunity to play it for absolutely free, but then the following weekend, the 22nd to the 26th, is when we see beta weekend 2 cross-play. So everybody has the opportunity. We're gearing up for the launch of Modern Warfare 2 campaign early access, which, of course, will kick off on October 20th, again subject only to those potential server outages or if there's any time zone differences.

If you end up digitally pre-ordering, you will have the ability to jump in and play the seemingly full campaign on the 20th rather than the launch date of October, which again completes the road to launch for Modern Warfare 2 on the 28th of October. The entire multiplayer, experience the ranking progression system, camos, all that kind of stuff, spec ops as a third game mode, potentially dmz, if that's something that they do showcase and announce here upcoming, we still know very little about that, but the entire modern warfare 2 experience again comes to a head on October 28th.

Outro (thanks for watching! sub, like, comment!)

Outro (thanks for watching! sub, like, comment!)

A massive bonus here for pre-orders, digitally, in particular, and then the road to launch fully debuts here for us so that we can gear up and get ready to go for modern warfare 2. Do you like the sound of this digital exclusive early access campaign? Is it something that sways you over to okay?

I think I'm going to actually pre-order this. We have so much upcoming, so make sure you're here and you don't miss a single bit of it. Take care, and peace.

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