Bloons TD 6 - Can We Get All 5 Paragons Before Round 100 In Btd6

Bloons TD 6 - bloons

We're going to do it guys, we're going to be getting all five paragons in one game, but not just that, we're going to be getting all five paragons before round 100. I'm hoping it's possible. I'm pretty sure we can do it now. I've chosen this map because my goal is to farm like crazy. Obviously, it's all about the money this time.

It's always about the money, but this time more than ever it's about the money. I'm hoping we can farm right away and fit as many as we possibly can. And the main reason I chose this map is because what I'm thinking is I could put something like a tax shooter right here and it could carry us for like a lot of rounds on its own.

I've never attempted anything of this magnitude, and I am a little nervous about it. because my farming skills are subpar at best, but I truly believe that we can do this. I didn't even buy this guy, he was free, and then I'm just gonna upgrade as much as I can with these farms before we actually even act to get like popping upgrades.

I think it will be okay now. The reason why I love this map so much is because it has this perfect square. It's almost symmetrical. Well, what's the word not symmetrical? It's just the perfect square for adding farms to it and getting your craziness going. We have water over here for merchants.

Bloons TD 6 - bloons td

We have our soon-to-be paragon boat, and I love that it gives our dart monkey or whatever tower about one, two, three, four, or five times around the track. We're able to hit these things, so we don't ever have to, like, buy anything. I've already made a grave mistake, but what do you expect from me?

We didn't get our Benjamin right away, but that's definitely okay because we got a farm, so this farm's already made 920. I don't know if Benjamin makes money as fast as that, so it's debatable which one's better now. The only downside to this map is the time it's going to take to get around it when we start missing these balloons.

I could easily upgrade to, let's say, a zero three zero druid, and we won't really have those problems. Like, in this case, I don't think it's really going to matter. Maybe if we like put them on strong and only hit the blue ones or something, but look at this really does, it doesn't matter. He's not going to hit the molly anyway.

Bloons TD 6 - bloons td battles 2

We only have two left. I can't complain. We haven't even used up a road spike yet. This might actually be a little easier than I thought it would be. I know I'm getting a little big-headed and it's probably going to change for the worse. As long as we give it our best shot right now, as I said, my farming skills are going to be subpar at best, but good enough for this adventure, I believe.

Now I don't know if that's the most efficient. We're not going for the most efficient. We don't need like, we need a lot of money. Don't get me wrong, I'd say somewhere, over a mill, yeah, over a million dollars at least, but I don't think it's as crazy as it needs to be. I don't think we need to do a bunch of buying and selling and doing all that kind of crazy stuff.

Bloons TD 6 - btd 6

I think what we'll do is just slowly and steadily. I think we can just kind of keep using Ben's ability over and over and over, but I think it's about to be time to grab our first tax shooter, and I think after we grab him, it should help out a lot because that thing's just the killer, and eventually, let's say we get to the end of it, like round 100, and all we have is like an attack zone with a village and an alchemist.

I think that should be able to handle like 90 of these levels, right, so we'll just put this guy here. I probably upgraded him a little too much. I made him like a little texture. I do not need to do that now. I think we're going to eat the first camo, but we definitely need to figure out something to do for those leads there, but it looks like we're getting at least one or two farms per round because look at all this money we're getting, so I think this idea will actually work, of just buying all these farms first and slowly upgrading to the top path.

I mean, if the plan works, we might just have a ton of top-path farms that could be pretty cool. We've just got to make sure they're all off, even though I can't have them off. That doesn't look too good to me now. I haven't used this farming method in a while, but I think it should actually help us also.

Bloons TD 6 - btd battles 2

You get the added benefit of having a really cool druid who just pops the lead. I mean, it's not as great as it used to be where like every little vine popped lead, but it really doesn't matter. It'll still pop enough lead and we'll use the longer range once we get a little more money here, but look how long it takes to actually have it regenerate.

Is it actually going to make us money at this point to be so slow? now as far as camo let's keep it real cheap so this guy will just be all of our camo popping, we have our lead popping, we should be okay for a while here at 1080. Off of one little druid ability that's pretty cool, we're going to get two thousand every cycle for both of these guys.

That's going to make up quickly for how much it costs to buy them, like four thousand dollars. Some crazy stuff. I just realized we actually don't have a way to pop the top. So I guess I'll just have to buy overdrive. I don't want to spend that much, but it's what we have to do, and I'm actually going to be really excited over here buying all this.

Bloons TD 6 - btd6

It just looks so cool to have this many farms. Then we have four druids that pull in a thousand dollars a pop here. This is really cool to see. I'm sure there are probably faster ways to get your farming up to like the max, but this is actually really fun. We have five druids here helping out with making that money.

And then, once we get all of them to the sixteen thousand dollar, fourth tier one. I feel like then we can just put in like a cool little village right here and just knock out like tons of monkey offices at once while we keep jamming on these abilities. This guy's already made us eight thousand dollars.

He overpaid for himself. I'm actually super curious. Just an overdrive. And a dart monkey and seven or six of these guys can take it out. I imagine it can look like it's going to literally shred them all down, and then all we have to do is we're my , that is just broken. These guys are too good.

Bloons TD 6 - btd6 challenge

I swear to you, they gave us money. I mean, obviously they are not going to be like super viable in chimp mode or something, but for this they are perfect. Now we just have to pick the perfect spot for our little village so that we can hit most of these. I want to say something like, "Right here would be a good spot," so we don't have to remove all of our druids right now.

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