Beat Saber - Best Free Quest 2 Games Available Now

Beat Saber - best free meta quest 2 games

Welcome to the oasis. So my name's Mike. They say the best things in life are free, and that's certainly the case when it comes to VR games. In this article, I've hand-picked some of my favorite free VR games along with some demos that will satisfy both newcomers to VR and VR veterans alike. I'm going to kick off this list with one of my favorite VR shooters, and that is Pavlov's shack.

This is a fast and frantic 5v5. This online multiplayer shooter features eight maps and seven game modes, including a co-op zombie mode. A solo practice mode with private lobbies, and they've just recently added a World War II weapon set in terms of VR shooters. Pavelov is one of the best you can play in VR right now.

The Pavlov's Hack beta will be free to play until the game officially launches, so get in there and have some fun for free while you can. If shooters aren't your bag and you're looking for something a bit more relaxing, I've got you covered with bait. It's a super chill and fun solo fishing game where you have to catch and collect a variety of fish to earn cash and help the local aquarium.

Beat Saber - best free oculus quest 2 games

With four different lakes to fish in and a handful of characters to interact with, this game will have you totally hooked. Next up is half plus half, a unique and quirky social multiplayer game. It features a handful of fun experiences and mini-games to explore and play online. My personal favorite is the hide and seek mini game, where one player is a giant who has to seek out the other players who have been shrunk down to just two inches tall.

It's really great how they play with scale in this mini game, and they cleverly change the players' voices to match their size, which makes it even more hilarious. Definitely one worth checking out. Next up is an awesome VR experience called First Contact. If you're demoing VR to friends and family for the first time to show off your shiny new headset, then this is one of the best experiences to show them, as it's specifically made for VR newcomers.

You get to interact and play with an adorable Wally-style robot who will guide you through a series of short and fun activities. It's a must-try VR experience as it provides a magical and unforgettable experience. An Introduction to Virtual Reality If you're looking for a more mature social hangout, then Poker Stars might be the game for you.

Beat Saber - best free quest 2 apps

You can sit down and play classic card games like blackjack and poker with players from all around the world, or you can just chill and play on the slot machines. Don't worry though, there's no real money involved, so you won't get carried away and accidentally clear out your bank account. There's loads of interactivity with props, chips, and cards, making PokeStars stand out as one of the best poker games in VR, and it's free to play.

Next up, I have another online multiplayer shooter for you called Gun Raiders. This free-to-play VR shooter will have you climbing, jumping, and jet-packing around a variety of arenas with online game modes such as assault, control team deathmatch, and free-for-all. Players are rewarded with in-game currency that can be used to unlock gloves, weapons, and player skins to make you stand out from the crowd.

Beat Saber - best free quest 2 fps

It's fast, frantic fun, and, most importantly, it's free. One of the quest's unique features is that it has built-in hand tracking capability, and Elixir is a magical hand tracking experience where you can try it out yourself for free. In this short experience, you become a sorceress's apprentice, and you use your own hands to interact with the environment.

What I love about this experience is watching other people play it for the first time and seeing their reactions when their hands transform into tentacles and wolverine-style claws. It's absolutely priceless. Next up is the rec room. It's a classic VR title with limitless possibilities. Rec Room offers an online social experience for younger VR adventurers, where you can jump into a number of different game modes and activities with other players across multiple platforms.

You can play paintball, embark on a quest, jump into Rec Royale, which is a battle royale mode, race in Wreck Rally, or just hang out and make new friends. There is so much content to enjoy in the rec room that it's crazy that it's still free to play. Once you've had enough of the rec room and you want to escape the screaming kids, there's nothing quieter than the vast empty void of space.

Beat Saber - best free quest 2 games

In mission iss, you can explore a VR recreation of the international space station and feel what it's like to become an astronaut. You can learn about the space station, dock a space capsule, and even venture out on a spacewalk. This is an incredible experience. But just bear in mind, being in zero gravity spinning through space is just as intense as it sounds, so please take it easy with this one.

Back on the ground, this next game will offer an interactive experience with your very own virtual pet called Bogo. You can freely move around the virtual play area. If you have enough physical space in your own play area, you can feed Bogo, play fetch, or just give him a fuss. It's quite short, but it's another great experience for those that are new to VR or just looking for chill experiences to share with friends and family.

Beat Saber - best free quest 2 multiplayer games

But if you've had enough of your family and you want to reject humanity and return to a simpler life as a monkey, well you can finally do it in VR with guerilla tag. This hilarious, online multiplayer game of tag is just pure joy. You have to swing your arms to run, climb, and fling yourself around the map to be the last monkey standing to avoid infection.

You're guaranteed to have an absolute blast with this one, and it's a real workout to boot. If you only download one game from this list, it should definitely be If you're fed up with shooting guns in VR and you want to unleash your inner legolas with some archery combat, then Hibo might be the game for you.

It has a handful of online multiplayer modes and maps with a range of different bow types to suit all sorts of play styles. The highlight of the game is a 10-player battle royale mode, so if you want to play out the Hunger Games with a bow and arrows, then this one will be well worth checking out.

Beat Saber - best free quest 2 vr games

Next up, let me introduce you to VR Chat. This one's going to be more suitable for an older crowd, as VR chat can get a little wild at times. Here you can embody your own custom avatar and open portals to explore various worlds, like the great pug pub to hang out and meet new people each time I've ventured into VR chat.

It's been a unique experience. This is one of those free apps that you can easily spend hundreds of hours exploring. It's a physics-based action roguelite where you get to fight your way through hordes of challenging enemies with various weaponry. This one's great for letting off some steam, but just be aware of your surroundings.

Here are my top picks of the best free VR games and experiences available for the Quest 2.
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