Battlegrounds Mobile India - Top 20 Tips & Tricks In Bgmi. Ultimate Guide To Become A Pro #18

Battlegrounds Mobile India - battlegrounds mobile

Here's an amazing bike trick. Just ask your teammate to apply a skin to it. Now while you're riding this bike, if an enemy starts to chase you, all you need to do is click this skin change button to stop the bike instantly. Boom! Your enemy will get confused by this and you can finish them easily.

Here's an awesome trick to confuse your enemies during the final zone. You can use the throw feature to throw a first aid kit in this manner. The white color of the kit will confuse your enemy and they'll start firing towards it. This helps you to know their exact position. Now finish them easily.

Here's a 200 IQ trick. If you're playing solo, you can apply some stickers on the walls of the building and hide yourself. When an enemy rushes towards you, they'll get confused and fire towards the stickers. This gives you the advantage to finish them easily. Here's the enemy's point of view. Here's an amazing bike trick which will surprise your enemies.

Let's rewind and see the same thing in slow motion. Press the exit button here and immediately press the jump button. Never use your spike trap on flat roads like this. It is visible from a far distance, so the enemy can easily escape from it. Always use it at the end of the bridge where you see this dip.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - bgmi

Since the spike trap is inside the dip, no one coming from the bridge can spot this and hence they'll fall into your trap. After the new update, if you run out of ammo while in a fight, your weapon automatically switches so you can continue your fight. If an enemy is camping inside this squad house, just climb on this rock and jump over the uaz.

Now jump towards the balcony and finish your enemy. If an enemy is camping inside this swimming pool building next to the school, just climb over this wall and jump here in this manner. Now get into the building and finish them easily. If you're looking to throw a nade at your enemy but the windows aren't visible due to smoke, just pull an aid and look out for this circle.

It suggests to you that there's a wall nearby, whereas if you don't see a circle nearby, you can confirm that it's an open window and throw the nade to finish your. Here's a fun trick: you can climb to the roof of any apartment using a buggy. Just open the gate and bring your buggy in the reverse direction in this manner.

Battlegrounds Mobile India - bgmi tricks

Now keep holding the reverse button and the buggy will continue to climb. Once you're at the top, change your seat and exit the vehicle.

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