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Back for Blood has landed, the spiritual successor to Left for Dead and for a lot of stuff. Hi folks, I'm Falcon, and today's game ranks 10 things back for blood doesn't tell you. Starting off at number 10, the money grubber part can totally break the game's economy. All the credit on this one goes to reddit user, "defiant marsupial." 419, for this one.

They're the ones that realize how overpowered this card can be. One of the earlier cards you can unlock, obviously. The money grubber, which doesn't sound that useful at first glance, does what it does, though: each time your team loots copper, you gain five additional copper. Stacking up to a hundred additional copper Here's the thing: there are a ton of copper pickups in this game, usually in amounts that are only 50 or 100 copper, but there are a lot of them, so the effect of this card can build up really fast.

And remember, the amount of copper you pick up is shared with the team, so for every member with the card, the amount of bonus copper you get stacks as well. Having enough money to refill your health, top off your ammo, buy all the secondary items you need, and get the bonus perks to make the game much easier is key, because even on normal difficulty, called "veteran" in this game, it's not easy.

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And number nine is how to play the game solo and still get rewards. If there's one thing about this game that's kind of a sore subject at the moment, it's the fact that you can't really earn supply points, which is the resource that allows you to unlock new cards in single player. Some people just want to play through the game with bots and still be able to go through the progression track, but normally you just can't do it in this game.

If you play the solo mode, you're just not going to unlock anything. Some players did find a way to get around that though, basically forcing the game to play with bots in multiplayer mode rather than with other players like you're supposed to. How it works is pretty simple, but it's not a surefire thing.

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Reddit user Ikiko Tatsumura. I was able to pull this off by starting a public match, entering a game, leaving the match and starting it up again, going to the run screen, and starting where they left off from there. It doesn't always work, but eventually you'll get into a game with just bots. Another user offered a slower method that seems to work every time.

User: It's your boy. Nate, 33, It says that you can create a match and wait for the 10-minute time limit, and it'll pretty much just throw you into a game with bots every time. Both of these options are kind of dick moves to the other people playing the game, and trying to play the game with just bots, even with the improved ai that we're seeing for them now, can be frustrating, but if you actually have to play the game solo, these are the few ways you can do it.

And number eight is how to kill snitches without alerting the board. One of the most annoying enemies in this game is the snitch. If you shoot it, it calls down a horde on you, and they can show up at the worst time. It might seem like there's a way to kill these things without having to deal with the horde afterwards, but it's actually possible to kill them and make it so they don't call down a horde.

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It just takes a little team coordination. Basically, you want to kill him as quickly as possible. There are a few ways to pull this off. One option is to have one player run up and melee them and then have everybody else shoot them. The stun from the melee attack should give you enough time to put them down before they call for backup.

Another solid option is to just pelt them with grenades. Not pipe bombs because they're on a fuse, but grenades that explode on impact can do enough damage to kill them outright. If you've got a sniper on your team who has some weak point damage cards, that's also pretty effective, like a good shot can stun it and you have enough time to kill it.

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There are a lot of ways to kill a snitch, but it all really boils down to timing. You need the whole team to all start shooting at the same time, and that's basically impossible to do unless you're talking over voice chat. And also, if you've got a snitch mutation card, then this is all kind of pointless, because if it's mutated, it will always call a horde whether you kill it or not, so make sure you know what mutations you've got active before you try any of this stuff.

If it's mutated, it's better to just all around avoid them. And number seven, stun guns are surprisingly useful. Don't discount stun guns; they may not seem necessary, but they can save your life any time you get grabbed. You can use one of these things to instantly escape from it. Save them for the right time.

If you've got your team surrounding you, you can easily free them. Don't waste them. Save them for when you're either alone or your team's incapacitated. And that's all well and good, but maybe the best thing the stun gun does is how it completely invalidates one of the most annoying enemies in the game, the hawker.

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It's incredibly annoying to deal with when they pop up, but if you've got a stun gun, then you can escape from the goo instantly without using up the stun gun. You can escape from the spin attacks as many times as you want, as long as you've got one stun gun equipped. I don't know if it's intentional or not by the developers, but it works and we're not complaining.

There is also a card that lets you escape from any grab as well. At number six is trauma damage. One thing new players seem to struggle with is trauma damage, especially with how it works. When you get hit in this game, you take normal damage, which can be healed, but also sometimes a small amount of trauma damage that you can't heal happens as well.

To make matters worse, if you leave your normal damage on heal, then the chance of taking trauma damage only gets higher. Yeah, that sounds like a big dub. Seriously, This means healing damage when it appears. Having a designated healer role on your team can make things a lot easier, but if you don't just try to use healing items when you find them.

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The bandages don't heal a lot, but it's better to top off your health now than save it for later. Certain medic cards can restore trauma, and they're crazy good once you get them, but it's still only by so much to remove a lot of trauma. You need to find these health stations on the walls. These things will fix trauma damage, so always be on the lookout for them.

Because trauma can easily build up very fast, making pills one of the best healing items. They heal a lot, they ignore trauma, and with certain cards that can be really powerful. The main downside is that it's all temporary health, but it lasts for a while. The main takeaway here is that healing is important for survival.

Back4Blood PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne is more than just "fight zombies". Here are some good tips to arm yourself with before jumping into the game.
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