Atomic Heart - It's Finally Time. This New Game Will Have It's Big Reveal

Atomic Heart - fps game

Call me crazy. For a moment, I had completely forgotten about this game. Even though it's actually one of my most anticipated games of whatever year it comes out (it's in 2022), but just the pure fact that it's a weird Soviet Union FPS with other elements like robots gone crazy. Bioshock, and Fallout.

Well, it has me really intrigued and even though we've seen quite a lot of gameplay and tweets from Atomic Heart, we still don't know what it's all about because both the gameplay and trailers for the game itself are super weird. What's more, it looks like we won't have to wait long before knowing what Atomic art is all about because, monfish, the developers have finished the work on the game's most in-depth trailer that we've had yet and it's coming really soon, plus we also have some exciting new details, so let's get right into it.

First of all, many rumors have swindled around saying that Atomic Heart will be delayed into 2023. Many articles have said the delay would happen because we hadn't heard back from the game nor the team in months, but Man Fish recently came out of the shell to announce that Atomic Heart has not been delayed and is still planned to be released in the fall of 2022.

Atomic Heart - gamescom

I'm going to have to play it in 2022 to actually believe this, but man, it seems like Atomic Heart is one of the only games that truly sings this fall. So many games are getting delayed and delayed. A full 4 minutes of non-stop atomic heart gameplay sneak peeks will be shown extremely soon, as stated by the developers.

They said it would be revealed this summer. Only one gaming event happens this summer, and that is Gamescom on August 23rd, during The Opening Night Live. When asked about the storyline for Atomic Heart Demon Fish, the CEO stated that this FPS takes place between the 1930s and 1960s. However, with Communism growing throughout the Soviet Union, things like the internet have already been invented, which will add an unexpected dynamic to the gameplay with the dangerous war gadgets and robot inventions that have been invented thanks to this discovery.

Atomic Heart - gamescom 2022

The discovery will be out of control because they do not know how to control it. The heart is submerged in an environment of Communism and confrontation, as the East and West have never-ending political battles, but this time Russia is on the offensive by mass producing robotics. The Androids assisted with the development of agriculture and defense, with additional assistance being provided for timber composition.

The main character who will be portrayed is mentally unstable and will start to rebel against the Soviet Union. Hence, the Soviet Union wants him dead for good. We see robots and the Reds leaving their program, meaning well-reanimated creatures roam the streets. The Soviet Union's plan did not go as planned, and things have gone really bad.

The game will give you access to a ton of weapons and vehicles. A glove that can freeze enemies and also pick them up. Also, the art and design theme have put immense effort into creating interesting and unique enemies. Both robots and zombies have different behaviors and are very varied. For example, the robots are very detailed.

Atomic Heart - new game

You can pick them apart with your weapons and see their insights while they fight. On the other hand, some zombies can modify their abilities with special sprouts. The developers will cover the enemy types and their abilities in a separate update a bit later down the road, but it's said that they can guarantee that the combat part of the game will feel fresh and engaging.

Throughout the story, you will experience a balance between drama, weirdness, humor, and action. Monfish at Atomic Heart is a crazy game. It can get very funny or very scary at times. Expect to encounter all different kinds of characters and scenarios on your journey, and expect a lot of hours of play time to complete the game and with different endings.

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