Arise of Awakener - 10 Brand New Rpgs That Are Trying Something New



Well, we've got you covered with some cool and exciting upcoming RPGs that are brand new things, you know, brand new intellectual property, so please note we're not counting sequels or a Final Fantasy or anything like that or even Starfield, because faceit that one's been talked about to death.

Lost soul aside

Let's highlight some weird new stuff and get started with number 10. Lost Souls aside, this is actually not super new. We originally saw this game in 2016. We talked about it in a bunch of articles and it blew us away because it looked like a crazy triple-A action RPG that was made by one. Well, the game caught the eye specifically of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

When they got interested, the project became much more complex, and more developers were brought on. The game was slated for PC, PS4 and PS5, in 2020. Since then, it's gotten delayed, the developers have only done slight interviews here and there, but we have seen a lot of cool gameplay and it is very flashy, visually astounding, and really unlike anything we've seen before.

If anything, it just looks like an over-the-top anime or final fantasy cutscene, like a pre-rendered thing, but it's the actual game. Of course, we actually have to see it or play it to believe it, but we've kept our fingers crossed for this one for quite some time now .

Mercyful flames

Mercyful flames

Next, over at number nine, shifting gears, we have a game called Merciful Flames. This is actually a detective adventure rpg, and although it doesn't have a release date yet, this PC indie game just seems really cool.

By the basic pitch, you play as an inquisitor in the dark ages, and it's up to you to solve some gruesome mysteries. The game's detective adventure role-playing elements are actually inspired by dark horror board games, so it's all about doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals and conversations.

With personal interrogations, you really have to choose if you want to be sly, brutal, mean, or even torture people to get the right answers. This game seems to be focused a lot on interrogation and even developing and coming up with your own torture devices to get answers, according to the developers.

You're actually going to grow your skills through the power of God, and the game is going to deal with the occult, religion, and just how gruesome and sketchy life was back then. This one just really caught our eye because it seems really inspired by, like we mentioned, tabletop adventure games but also just old school PC games. It seems really, really cool, so keep an eye on it .

Flintlock: the siege of dawn

Flintlock: the siege of dawn

Next, over at number eight, we have Flintlock, The Siege of Dawn. This game was revealed during the Xbox Bethesda Summer Game Fest event. It is set amidst a world ruled by the old gods, and it looks to be an action-packed combo of magic and gun play and ax wielding and rpg elements that we like.

This is actually from the developers behind Ashen, a game that we really enjoyed, but it seems like Flintlock is going bigger and crazier and a bit more. We've seen what looks to be a pretty wide open world, a bunch of different skills, cool animal and enemy types, and honestly more than anything.

I kind of just want to see what else is going on with this world, like what's really the story here, because I mean magic guns, swords. It's a good combo, but hopefully it has some cool lore to back it up and really make it worthy of being an rpg. From what we know, we'll probably find out when we get to check out this game if it's released as they say, early in 2023 .

Showa american story

Next, over at number seven, we have Showa American Story. It just seems like an all-over-the-place wild and strange game, so that's why we're keeping an eye on it to be honest .

Pixel noir

Pixel noir

Next, over at number six, we have Pixel Noir, a PC game that's currently in early access, and it's been in the works for a few years now, and it seems really promising because it seems inspired by some pretty cool old-school detective games.

It kind of reminds us of Snatcher a little bit with some of the vibes, but this is essentially a hardcore, role-playing detective game where you roam the streets as a mysterious detective plagued with hallucinations, trying to solve mysteries. You talk to people, you make decisions, you even go to court and just basically run your private eye business, but you're also engaging in cool classic RPG style turn-based combat.

You have gear that you can modify and upgrade through rpg systems, as well as allies on your team that you can also upgrade. It seems really promising. The early access theme reviews are generally positive, and between the RPG elements and just the overall vibe and art style, it just seems really sweet .

Arise of awakener

Arise of Awakener - gameranx

Next, over at number five, we have the rise of the awakener. I mean, this thing just looks absolutely wild look at it if anything, it's really giving me Dragon's Dogma vibes, which is definitely a good thing, and it's a similar setup, it's essentially a Japanese game developer's take on medieval European fantasy, so it's going to be super over the top and hopefully as fun and crazy as it looks here.

We've seen a couple of different character building types. Good old rpg style, knights with brutal heavy attacks faster enemies with smaller weapons and even some magic wielding enemies which could really change things up this is going to have plenty of loot. It's apparently going to take place in a fully open world where you can ride around on dragons or other mounts and go on a path of revenge and redemption to become this, you know, magically awakened one.

Obviously, we need to know a lot more about this game. We're still only really looking at stuff that is slated as early development footage, but if they can pull it off, it could be pretty sweet. We're hoping to see more of this game in 2023 .

Project eve

Project eve

Next, over at number four, we have another stylish action RPG. This time around, you probably remember seeing this one revealed at a PlayStation live stream event, and it was downright stunning. The main character engaged in combat with big sci-fi, weird enemies in fast-paced, brutal combat.

The whole thing kind of gave us like futuristic Bayonetta vibes, and I think that's a good thing. There's a lot of emphasis on parrying and evading and being super fast, but you're also going to be able to gain skills and level up to take advantage of more powerful armor, aoe attacks, sweep attacks, interrupt combos, and other cool stuff like that, and really the other thing about this game is just the graphics.

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