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In today's article, we're going to be taking a look at how you can use the new character, Vance, to absolutely dominate in fights. Right now, with King's Candy being so third party heavy, you want to end fights as quickly as possible, and Vance is fantastic for that, so we're going to be jumping into this and breaking it all down.

By the end of this article, you'll understand how to use Vance in fights more effectively. Right now over there we have top-level coaches, including myself, creating the best guides and courses so you can become a top-level apex player. A lot of teams rotate in. A lot of people want to fight here.

It's kind of a melting pot area, and you don't really want to stick around here any longer than you have to. So as we roll up, we don't really want to be stuck in this spot because we know that there are so many possibilities for teams to come from it. A team could be coming from hydro dam, a team could be coming from labs, a team could be running down this choke here, there's teams coming from cave and market, and there's just so many possibilities.

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Teams are coming, so we don't really want to stick here any longer than we have to, but as we do pull up here, we do notice that there is a team right below us, and this is one of those situations. If you can't just mirror with a team sometimes, if a team is like down here, for example, you can just mirror with them, and what that means is that as they run this way, you run this way, and you just kind of like go your separate directions, because they'll go under here, you'll go through here, and you don't have to deal with each other.

You don't have to draw a fight out longer than you have to, and it's not something that you really want to do in this area if you don't have to, but this team is a little bit too close to us. I know that they are blue white, so we are on the exact same shield blue white, so it's actually a pretty fair fight, but right now we have high ground, we have the advantage because we're getting first shots off on it because, as you can see right here, the Mad Maggie is starting to take damage from my teammates, so we already have two advantages going into this fight and they don't really have any right here.

Apex Legends - apex vantage

What we want to do is use the sniper's mark to get the fight out to a really good advantage. A lot of people don't know this, but you can actually thirst somebody in one shot, so it's a very quick kill. team ss So now with this, we know that the Mad Maggie's out, so we want to continue to press our advantage.

When you do this, what you want to be looking to do is go into this fight kind of as quickly as you can, but still as safely as you can, because you don't want to, like, run in there and die and give them the opportunity to turn the fight. I have very clear sight lines right here that I'm able to take advantage of.

Hey, so once the horizon jumps out, I'm able to get some damage out on her. I'm able to burn her with my thermic grenade, and then she's out very quickly. Now their vantage point has taken off and this is why your sniper rifle is just so good. Because my team's able to get some shots off, I'm able to land a tag on her and, because I know she has white armor, a body shot does 150.

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So now this is where the sniper's mark really comes in handy, because as she's running, I've already done 50 to her. All I need to do is land that other shot and there's the 150. We've ended this fight really quickly, like this fight didn't take long at all. We really didn't do any damage here. The only reason that we have missing health is because we did level up our evo shields in this fight, so we really didn't take any damage.

We wiped out a team almost instantly. Okay, that's a highly aggressive situation where you need to be in and out of the fight almost instantly. What about using Vénis in like an endgame situation where you're not as worried about a third party and you just kind of can slow play a little bit more because Vénis is actually really good at being aggressive and slow playing at the same time, and she is a support character, so you might want to play her in that support role a little bit more.

Apex Legends - new abilities vantage

I don't know if that's the right word there, but that's the word I'm going for. So in this situation, we are in the top two spots here. We did just see that the last two teams were fighting here, and one happened to wipe out the other one, so now we are in this situation. I want to post up with my snipers' mark because it's a really good ultimate.

You can do so much with it. It's super impressive. I have all five bullets here, and I'm ready to just snipe some people. And the reason that I'm looking here is because not only do I want to see who they have on their team, because you can see right here. I can see that they have a seer here, but I also want to see their armor, because I want to see if we're going into this with any sort of advantage at all, because you know, we do have high ground here, but you also want to see kind of what armor they have, so you can plan accordingly.

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So here we do see that they have red and purple and we have red, so we do have the armor advantage. You have to remember that Apex is an information game. The more information that you have, the better your chances are at winning. Newcastle's really good at bunkering up, so with them doing this, where they put themselves out of the storm.

I want to make sure that they are constantly struggling to get back in because, as you can see here, this new castle was trying to heal up. I didn't give him that opportunity. And now he's down, he's out of the fight. He's not going to be able to crawl back into the storm in time and he's really going to be taking a lot of damage.

The team's going to be trying to get him up. So they're not going to be in the right positions for us to fight them because they're trying to get their teammates up. We're going to be going into this a lot better suited than they are. It's just like this fight is basically over before it even starts.

On teams you have to take that, so now I'm going for the thirst here because I'm a little greedy. I should have saved that sniper bullet for the fight because the guy would have died anyway, like how far out in the zone he was, but now this is where I play a little bit differently than most people see.

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My team is trying to get into this fight and be super aggressive. They want to take this little building because there's not a whole lot of spots for this team to play in here, but I want to be the support. I always default back to being in the back line because this is where I play for my team in things like algs and stuff.

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