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Whether you're stuck in bronze or diamond, this will be a good one, so buckle on it.

Tips for bronze players

and speaking of bronze, where better to start than from the beginning? Most players in this rank need to just work strictly on the fundamentals of the game. While each player is going to have their own weaknesses, if you find yourself struggling to get out of bronze, or any rank for that matter, the firing range is your best friend at this stage in your progression as a player.

Each minute on the firing range will give you 10 times the returns, and that's not an understatement. Often, players in the lower rungs have a hard time improving in the heat of the live matches. It can be tough for a player to perform well in a high-stress environment and also be able to identify what goes wrong when they don't exactly know.

Trust me guys, everyone knows very well that it's easy to just hop on the apex, play a couple games of hot drop and die, and then hop off. This could be a great time, and if this is how you enjoy playing the game, more power to you. But if you want to improve, you have to be honest with yourself and put your focus on the areas that need improvement.

Rather than hopping right into a game when you log on, take 15 minutes and practice some weapons. You should be able to pretty comfortably one-clip a dummy with every weapon in the game, so make sure that's your focus each time you pick up these guns and guys, just practice. We can make an entire article about how to escape bronze because, honestly, when you're there, it means that you're new to the game, so there are a lot of things to work on.

Focus on the things that you're struggling with the most. Watch our articles and take away the key things that you notice in your own gameplay, and I promise you will see meaningful improvement.

Tips for silver players

Tips for silver players

So silver is similar to bronze, but if you're looking to climb to gold, there are some pretty key differences that you should keep in mind. A lot of players here still have big holes in their gameplay from a mechanical perspective.

So don't let your mechanical practice slow down. If you're consistently landing your shots, using movement well to avoid damage and use cover, and have a good understanding of your legend, you're already going to have a good time in Silver. However, what's really going to help is having a good early game plan.

As we probably all know, in bronze and silver matches, in most games, half of the lobby will drop to literally two or three players. Drop locations are going to be highly contested, and finding safe locations for your team to get off to a good start is one of the biggest pieces of advice that I can give to any player in this elo.

Apex Legends - apex ranked guide

Silver is where you start losing RP when you enter matches, so if you're dying off, drop regularly. You're going to keep yourself from ranking up. If you were recently bronze, you could play enough games just to hit silver no matter what, but here in silver, you've gotta start playing to win instead of looking for those early kills.

Instead, look to survive as long as you can. It's literally possible to make it to gold without even firing a single bullet, and if you happen to get some kills along the way, then you'll be having big point games. But seriously though, if you just survived the initial 10 minutes of one of these bronze or silver lobbies, you'll often be in a position to get some serious RP.

Because the teams that hot dropped will take each other out of the game, so to all my silver friends out there, keep practicing your mechanics, learning about the game, and being smart about your drops, and you'll find yourself in gold in no time. And if you're looking for an exclusive chance to learn tips even more advanced than these, then make sure to check out this message from TSM's own Imperial.

I'm Imperial Howe, and welcome to my brand new apex class. Whether you're silver or diamond, controller or keyboard, you're going to be the one carrying your friends. If you're serious about becoming a better epics player, join me for the next 30 days and commit to improving.

Tips for gold players

Tips for gold players

All right guys, so we are moving into gold lobbies. This is where you've got to start taking your game to the next level. A lot of the players you run into here are pretty good mechanically.

they are going to have their fundamentals, pretty well down and the same should go for you all that time in the firing range and reps in your games should have you at a comfortable state with the game where you're ready to start thinking about the game in a bit more of a complex way and that tip we just talked about in silver is still important here.

Hot drops are dangerous in gold, and they're very popular in this elo. The players here are usually good enough that you'll have a hard time taking out more than one squad off drop unless you're not supposed to really be in gold. However, in this rank, depending on how late it is in the season, a lot fewer teams are going to be dying off spawn, and the mid-to late games of these lobbies are a little bit more competitive.

Apex Legends - apex shortcuts for ranked

This is where you need to start having a bit of a game plan when you're entering your matches beyond just your drop It's obviously good to do this prior to gold elo, but this is where not having a plan will come back to bite you. Try to have a couple possible rotations in mind as you're dropping to your poi.

Make sure to be free-looking while dropping to map out where enemies are dropping nearby. Gold is where your decision making and movement on the map really start to affect your rp gains. By losing 24 RP each game, you really want to try to shoot for the top 10. If you're looking to rank up and this gets tougher and tougher the higher elo you go, you'll notice in a lot of your gold lobbies with a lot fewer people dying off drop that the whole map is more populated and dangerous.

This elo is really where you need to start having a good grasp on rotations. If you're not just moving mindlessly throughout the pois with good loot, the timing and speed of your movement across the map begins to set you up for success, or set you up for failure. Understanding where the dead side of the zone is and knowing how to effectively path across the map to reach power positions within the zone becomes a staple for your success in these games.

Tips for platinum players

Tips for platinum players

Alright, now we're moving into the fun stuff by talking about platinum. This is also where you're going to start to see a lot of advanced movement start to make its way into your games, while you don't necessarily.

You have to have advanced movement in this elo. You don't want to be caught without it because you will get punished for it here. Being able to b hop wall bounce tap strafe and just overall use any movement in the game is one of the last mechanical humps that most players have to climb, and this is generally the elo that you want to make sure that's happening.

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