Apex Legends - 4 Brutal Mistakes You Make In Season 14 - New Tips To Rank Up - Guide

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Or I won't share my chicken wings with you, but okay with that covered. Let's jump right into the first mistake, and the first mistake that you guys are making is that you are fighting way too close to the center zone, Casey. And this is a very small map. Each of the guns and apex can be heard from different distances, so depending on what weapon you are using, more and more people can hear you.

And if more and more people can hear you, what does that lead to? Third parties, fourth parties, fifth parties, and then your game's over and you've lost RP and you're hard stuck. The center zone is the worst thing you can do to KC. On other maps, you can kind of get away with it because they're a lot bigger and it takes people more time to get to you, but that's not the case on King's Canyon.

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Now don't get this confused; you can still play center zone, like if you are a ring-focused team with something like a caustic. If you want to play for placement points, you can still go center zone, but do avoid fights at all costs. But what if you really want to fight people? What if you're more of an aggressive style of play?

Well, you can still fight people, but instead of doing it in the center zone, try to do it on the edge of the ring. If you want, try to take a fast 50-50 off drop because that'll give you 3 kp and then you can look to be that third party, but something you should always have in the back of your mind is only engaged when you know that you can wipe a team quickly.

If you can get a 3-2-1 on somebody to start the fight off, then it's an easy 3v2, then yeah go for it but if you're sitting there getting the fight stalled out, people are trading damage, you have to heal up, it's better to just back off because people are on the way and you're going to lose RP, but now we can dive into mistake number two, and that is not respect.

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At the start of season 14, we did see some buffs to the ring, so right now the ring one damage is a lot more punishing than people actually expect. It catches a lot of people off guard, but not only does it do more damage, it starts to come in a lot faster, so you have less time to loot and less time to fight off drops.

So, with this in mind, you have to be starting your rotations. A lot sooner, I see people that don't really pay attention to the map. They don't see how far they have to actually run. They start a fight, it gets drawn out, they get caught in a zone, they die from it because they just weren't paying attention.

I've seen people just straight up not care. They'll be looting. The ring will come. They just won't care. They'll continue to loot. They'll die because of that. You guys have to make sure that you're planning rotations well before the ring is even near you, because if you start to get caught in the ring and you still have a fair distance to run, you're going to be chugging through health meds.

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And then if you get in a storm and you don't have any health meds and a team just happens to be there and you have to fight them, if you don't win, you're going to be in a very bad situation. So start respecting the ring now. This is going to be one that throws a couple people off, but it's that you're not playing like your rank.

Now, this can be confusing. A lot of people are probably scratching their heads, but just stick with me for a second. One of the things that I've seen a lot recently is that people will try to implement stuff that they see in higher ranks because they think that because it works there, it'll work here.

What works in some ranks will not work in other ranks. But in the lower ranks, a lot of people don't understand certain aspects of the game that higher-ranked players do that allow them to get away with stuff, so you might not be able to hold a specific building because people don't really respect that.

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They'll see somebody blindly push at you, and then, because they're pushing at you, it'll bring a third party in, and now they've ruined both of your games because they just didn't care. You always have to remember who's in your lobbies and plan around that. That is really tough to do because you can never really accurately predict how other people are going to play.

It's kind of one of the apex issues. You can think that somebody's supposed to do one thing because it's the right thing to do, but they do it completely differently, and it can just throw your game plan off. You might have the skill set of a diamond player, but if you're trying to play like a diamond player in something like a silver lobby, it's not going to go as well as you think it will.

Now make no mistake; number four is that you guys need to stop chasing kills so damn hard. This is one of the other things that I've seen lower elo players do when I've been watching their streams. They get into a fight, one person escapes, and then they put their 10k fitbit steps into just chasing them all over the map because they need to get that kill.

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All this does is make it so your team cannot loot the kills you just got. You're also wasting more resources because you're firing more bullets. You're using your cooldowns. You're trying to catch up to them. It's probably putting you in a worse spot because if they're running away from you, they're probably running out of rings.

If you're out of the ring, then if another team comes behind you, they can keep you and you're kind of screwed, or alternatively. They could just continue to run into another team, and you chase them into that team, and now you're in another fight in a bad spot. This is something that not just low elo players do.

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I see a lot of high elo players do it as well, but you need to get this out of your head. Chasing is fine, but after a certain point, you just have to let it go. There's no point just continuing to run after somebody if it's going to put you in a worse spot. KP is cool. Getting more points in the game is cool, but it's not worth it if you're just going to throw your game over it, take a deep breath, let them go, let them die to another team, reset, loot up your kills, and get into a good position.

Maybe because you're in that good position, other teams might be forced into you where you'll be able to just pick up more kp because of that solo might have been forced to turn around and come back to you. You're going to be able to pick him up. Or maybe because you're by their banners, they might try to wrap around, try to pick up their teammates, and you know you're going to be able to get the kill.

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