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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 2.0 update

Decorating is obviously a huge part of animals crossing new horizons, and many of us use our items for aesthetical reasons rather than practical ones. There's nothing wrong with this. Of course, we want our islands to look beautiful, but there are certain things in the game that you should have on your island regardless of your aesthetic.

Some of these can drastically improve your island life and become effectively essential for anyone who's playing day to-day. Most of these haven't even been in the game since the start either, and were introduced in later updates. So let's take a look at exactly what your island needs right now. Ever since the game launched, we've had an abd available to us in residence services but nowhere else.

Thankfully, the 2.0 update changed this, and now we can get our own abd's by redeeming our nook miles. Although these are fairly expensive items to get, they are one of the most essential items you can have in an animal crossing new horizons in my opinion. After all, bells play such an important part in the game, so having one of these readily available so you can withdraw bells at any time you want or even deposit them is definitely something you need.

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Not to mention the fact that your friends can actually use these, so if they're coming to visit you and maybe they want to purchase turnips or just do something else with their bells on your island, it is much easier for them to do so. In terms of where these need to go on your island, I would highly recommend putting one of them outside of the nook's cranny.

Another place where you'll be spending your hard-earned cash quite a lot would definitely be the airport. As I said, if you have any visitors who need to withdraw bells, make it convenient for them so that they can access this right away. Having one in your house is not a bad idea either. In my opinion, I feel like this could definitely be useful and this tends to be where I see people put the bags the most, but I think having them outdoors, somewhere is really good.

Even if you do decide to tuck them away because maybe abds don't really fit your island's theme, I have mine pretty well hidden outside of Nutcracker. I don't feel like it stands out or looks bad or anything like that, despite having quite a natural island. So definitely get some ABD's on your island.

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You won't regret it. They are highly necessary. Another really fantastic quality of life upgrade we got in the 2.0 update was storage sheds. To get yourself one of these, you will have to have spent at least 500, 000 bells on your storage with Tom Nook. It's not the easiest item to get in the game, but once you do, you can craft these fellas and you can customize them as well, so they can fit a variety of themes on your island, and boy, these are definitely one of the most essential items in all of animal crossing new horizons.

They make it so convenient to deposit items that you want out of your inventory, and they make it so easy to get items out. That means when you want to do some work on your island by placing some new items, or maybe you want to pick up some old ones and put them away, you can bring your storage shed to wherever this is and drop it down.

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Put the items straight in or take them out and boom, it's done. This means you don't have to take the time to walk all the way back to your house or walk to another point where the storage shed might be on your island. So it's so convenient to have a storage shed with you wherever you go. Storage has always been a big thing in the animal crossing games, and honestly, in the older entries it wasn't so good.

In fact, it could be really inconvenient to store things. So I'm definitely happy to say that in Animal Crossing New Horizons it couldn't be more convenient to have this storage shed item, as i said i definitely think this is one of the most essential items that you need on your island. One that has been around a little bit longer but it's still incredibly underrated in my opinion happens to be the pipes.

The pipes have the unique functionality of allowing you to effectively teleport from one location to another by setting up your pipes in strategic locations. This means that you could put one pipe at your house and another one directly at resident services so that you could get there in a matter of seconds rather than having to walk all the way there.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - acnh new update

That definitely makes them one of the best items in the entire game and something that all players could really utilize. I feel like the pipes are a bit underrated, however, because they are Mario-themed items, something that a lot of people might feel like clashes with their island aesthetic. You can't customize the pipes, and there are no other similar items that have the same functionality.

I guess Nintendo really wanted to make these items unique and special to celebrate Mario's anniversary and that crossover update, but it definitely would have been nice if we could have gotten other types of items that maybe looked more natural and fit other island themes that we could also use with the same functionality.

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Even if they don't fit with your island's aesthetic, though. I definitely feel like it's still worth having them, but maybe instead of just hiding them somewhere, you could hide them behind a cliff or even behind a tree, just as long as they're near somewhere convenient that you want to be able to teleport to.

I just have to agree with people that I feel like, design-wise, it's not one of my favorite items and I wish it wasn't so Mario specific. And now back to something that was introduced in the 2.0 update. We have a cooking stove. Now, typically I feel like people actually have these indoors, but having them outdoors could really help their potential shine.

Cooking is a great new feature that allows you to make a ton of dishes that you could gift to your villagers or you could eat for energy. And the energy part is definitely one of the more important things. Having the energy you get from food to smash rocks around your island or dig up tons of trees is really important.

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Having these cooking stoves out somewhere on your island is a really good idea. That way, you can just head over to one and start cooking when you're working on your island. There are some which are even specifically designed for the outdoors, like this camping one, for example. In the past, I've actually seen quite a lot of people who say, "Well, why even bother cooking to get energy when I can just eat some fruit?" But honestly, this is so much slower.

Nintendo gave us this cooking feature for a reason. I'd love to hear your thoughts. You can get a whole bunch of really cool perks for doing so, such as exclusive emojis, a batch of your name, exclusive content and posts, and so much more, so be sure to check that

Certain things around the island can make your life much more convenient and turn out to be essential parts of day to day living. You still might not have these! So, well be taking a look at 5 of these items that your island NEEDS to have, if you want to be living your best life.
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