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Hello and welcome to my new article, if you're new here. Hi, I'm Lex, and today I wanted to tell you all about some tips that I have for terraforming, both to make your terraforming look better and to help you do it faster. These are just things I've picked up. I have almost 3, 000 hours now, so, you know, you learn a little bit along the way.

Let's get right into it. Some of you may know that Lorien is pretty much almost complete, so there's very little space I have to work with terraforming. I've decided to go here today, and the first thing I wanted to talk about is literally just building cliffs. Instead of going in one row like this.

I mean, ignore the fact that I accidentally skipped a tile, but instead of going in a straight row like this. I recently discovered a much faster way to build up your cliffs where you don't have to move as much to get them done, and therefore it takes less time. Excuse me while I take out a pest.

This is the method that I'm talking about. I discovered it during my sunken pathway speed build. If you turn as you are terraforming, like I am here, you build up two rows of cliff tiles in so much less time because you're not moving every single time you do a tile. You are staying in one place and doing two things at a time.

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Another thing to really help you out is to help you not just build your cliffs up faster but also get rid of them. I'm talking about actually, you know, tearing down your cliffs is to go in between in rows instead of going one at a time like this, where you end up having to hit each block twice. This can apply.

Also, how cute is it that Kiki is hanging out with us right now? Look at her. No biggie, just my best animal crossing friend. Look at her. Getting back into it This is my next tip for you. Tip number three is to outline building placements with this pathway. It doesn't have to be the brick pathway, just custom pathing any path that you're not using in the build so they don't get mixed up with one another.

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I use it to outline where you're going to place a building or anything large so that you can keep track of it while you're terraforming. This helps me a ton because it prevents me from having to go back and re-terraform things I can visualize exactly. The dimensions of the building and where I'm going to place the building just help me make sure I don't put trees in the wrong places.

I don't know, I just think it's super helpful and keeps me from having to destroy rebuild destroy rebuild as I try to figure out the best place to put my building. It also helps because you're not going to be spending extra bucks having to move the building again and again to fix it, so this is just great.

It's fast, super easy to do, and you can find building dimensions really easily through Google, so check that out, and look at me using tip two to not hit any of the blocks twice, so that I save time tearing these clips down. As you can see, if you hit a full block beside a half cliff tile, it will destroy both of them, and that's another good way to prevent Taking extra time for the next tip.

I can't really show you in the game so much as I can show you my own examples. So one thing that makes terraforming super easy for me when I need it to is planning ahead by actually visualizing the area and drawing it. That is what I've done in the past to kind of shape the land before I started.

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It also saves me time because I'm not doing trial and error on the island itself. This is how I've built hybrid gardens in the past. It's how I worked on my Antelia neighborhood once upon a time, and this area right here on the current lorien I actually drew, before I attempted to make it. It also helps if you have an idea and you don't have time to actually make it in the game.

Draw it so you don't forget what the terraforming shapes look like, and you'll have it to come back to later. My next tip is to help with your terraforming. Seem a little bit more natural so because of the way our tools work, it might be really tempting to make straight lines with your terraforming, and they can definitely look good and more structured, or in urban areas where it's plausible that you would have, you know, a completely straight pond or lake, or completely straight walkways and things like that, but as you can see, this doesn't look very natural to the island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - acnh speed build

It doesn't look like an actual stream would look at all. On the other hand, my little creek here at my farm curves quite a bit, so utilizing those half tiles for water is going to be essential for cliffs too. I mean, for anything. It just looks way less, Rigid and man-made, if you do go about it this way, curving your terraforming, it fits for most themes.

I'd say from tropicore to cottage core to whatever theme my island is now, it just works a lot better. In a similar vein, stagger your cliffs, especially around waterfalls, like I've done here. This is another example: don't just make your waterfalls straight lines that lead into straight lines. That's another thing that doesn't seem very natural because real waterfalls don't really do that, so just create some curvature with your waterfalls, whether it's the cliffs or the water itself.

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Of course, this is one more area on my island where I think this tip works really perfectly. Look at these waterfalls in the back. They're kind of hidden, but the layering there makes them seem much more natural, and I just think it definitely contributes to the aesthetic quality of my island. This is something I have preached in the past and I will continue to preach.

Use your beaches for storage. There is so much empty space on your map, and it's called the beaches. If you typically decorate your beaches first, then apply this to whatever area on your island that you decorate last. Put as many buildings and flowers and even items there as you can if your storage is full.

Use the beach if you want buildings out of the way while you terraform. Use the beach This is especially helpful when you're first moving in villagers and things, to just go ahead and place their house on the beach to begin with. You're not wasting a lot of extra bells by having to move them, but I've just found this to be so much less stressful than trying to find room on my island for all of the flowers and other stuff that I have.

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My next tip is definitely going to help you keep your terraforming and island designing quick. You need to carry three things in your pockets at all times. Number one is the wooden storage shed or just the storage shed. You get these after you fully upgrade your home and buy the first 500 GB of storage upgrade.

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